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Finally got somethings straightened out, and the Feed

Among the things I got straightened out was my musculature with a massage I desperately needed, and the communications bill. I finally got the credit from August placed on the bill from November. It was supposed to get placed on the bill from September, then October, but didn’t actually make it until November. Just not on the hard copy of the November bill, that still shows us owing a metric buttload of money.

Up first is a report on one of our own cyclist reporters getting squished in OH. ‘Dispatch’ reporter, bike blogger hit by car Hit-from-behind wreck at high speed, with no room nor time to avoid or to mitigate damages, So get the infrastructure right including drastically escalating deterrents against drunk driving (confiscate and destroy/recycle the car for the 2nd DUI onwards, for starters) to prevent.

A MI cyclist is hit from behind at a high rate of speed and dies.
Possible drunk driver strikes and kills bicycle rider in Flint
and 52-year-old man riding bicycle killed after being struck by van on Pierson Road in Flint Drunk driver not slowing down after leaving an Interstate hits cyclist hard enough to disable the vehicle from continuing on… Another wreck where a human cyclist would not have enough time to react to the threat from behind, so protocols would be moot. Get the infrastructure right, again with special attention to getting killer drivers off the roads before they get the chance to kill.

A cyclist dies in AZ. MCSO: Man dies after hit on bicycle in Sun City West Cyclist was hit by what may have been a literally blind driver, not the figuratively blind drivers that just don’t pay attention to where they’re going. Wreck was somewhere near a street according to the narrative (!?) so infrastructure to prevent, both physical and legal to get old people out of cars and on to bicycles (notice that the cyclist was almost as old as the driver).

A CA wreck that again falls into the category of unavoidable by a human being riding a bicycle. Cyclist struck, killed on Highway 1 According to people leaving comments and claiming to be witnesses the cyclist was hit head-on in the bike lane as the driver attempted to return to the road after crossing the entire highway and going off the road on the shoulder of the opposite direction. Driver was reportedly on the phone (or at least holding one in his hand) at the time of the wreck. Nothing short of a Jersey Barrier would have prevented this wreck.

Update on a NY bike wreck, as people begin clamoring for the head (and other body parts) of the driver that was looking at a soybean field when he hit a cyclist. Inattentive driver who killed a bicyclist should be prosecuted: Your letters

Sort of infrastructure-ish from CA. Ventura County mulls ban on fixed-gear bicycles Hey one fixie was involved in one hit-and-run with injury (not death) and they want to ban fixies, maybe we should start banning types of vehicles involved in fatal wrecks with pedestrians, starting with cabs.

And in the Great White North nanny-staters think everyone riding a bicycle should be wearing a helmet, except for those that think full body-armor is better. Jesse Kline: Put your helmet on, or else More people die from head injuries caused by being inside a motor vehicle during a wreck, perhaps we should require drivers and passengers to strap on a brain bucket before cranking the motor. Actually the difference in weight between cars designed before interiors were covered in air bags and those after make the case far better than I could. My last car was a 1987 Hyundai Excel that weighed 1850 at the recycler last time I used it to deliver paper (about 1000 pounds of paper overloaded the back end) while the model that replaced it weighs 2600 pounds with much of that extra weight in the form of structure to support the air bags so that it didn’t buckle when the bags went off. There were a few pounds added to keep the door frames from buckling in a wreck so that the “open the nearest door and walk away” criteria could be met, but the majority of the weight was support structure for the air bags. On the other hand my helmet that meets DOT standards weighs in at 3.3 pounds per occupant and does not require expensive replacement to protect people that are not there in a wreck. If there is a wreck the only new helmets needed are for the people actually in the car during the wreck.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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