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A rushed post before I let my Warlock6 loose against the monsters, and the Feed

Yep, it’s RPG day again, when I set my crafty and smart Warlock6 against hordes of monsters with the rest of my party. I’m useful because I have a weapon that can be used at all ranges from melee up to 250 feet and that can be used at least once per round of combat (more with special bonuses) and is effective as a touch weapon that bypasses any armor the victim is wearing (not natural armor like the scales of a dragon). In short I can deal damage at will against any enemy facing the party at a far enough distance to keep the party safe against the majority of monsters. Other humanoids, well that’s a different story, but my character can still get in some licks at everything from hand-to-hand distances on up, it’s just that humanoids can also have ranged attacks to return fire. And shortly I will be leveling up to get even more attack bonuses and more damage dice…

Up first is another one from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike since before I started doing this blog. St. Augustine bicyclist critically injured in hit-and-run Hit-from-behind in the bike lane and left for dead by a driver mistaking the bike lane for a turn lane, got to be either a drunk or stoned driver. Use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Good news from CO. Cyclist Injured By Hit & Run Driver Near CSU Expected To Recover

More coverage about the drunk driver that hit 3 cyclists, a parked car and knocked a building off its foundation in ME. Maine man indicted in bicyclist’s death and Biddeford Man Indicted in Bicyclist’s Death

South (way south) of the border hit-from-behind wreck. Cyclist Killed On Northern Highway Protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and even this country could afford to get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Unusual ped-on-bike wreck in the UK. Eastbourne cyclist injured in bike rage incident I don’t know the area but I do know that there are sidewalks (pavements) that are shared as MUP in the area, that are poorly marked as such. If the pedestrian did not know the pavement was shared then it appears the local press has incited violence against cyclists again.

And we get Infrastructure! news from GA. Bicyclists vs cars: Who’s at fault? Uhh, isn’t that usually determined by trained investigators at every wreck? (not really)

And from CA. Karen Kefauver, Spin City: Bicycling shouldn’t be a death sentence Too many drivers not paying attention to the road, too many cyclists not visible to drivers no matter how many blinky lights they use or how many acres of stomach-churning neon vomit green they wear because drivers aren’t paying attention to the roads.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today. Time to go play and take my mind off of bicycles and infrastructure.

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