Still recovering from the doctor visit, and the Feed

The diagnosis of a pulled or torn rotator cuff from a near-fall on the train has been confirmed with a tear being the most likely injury because of the persistence of the injury, and the treatment has resulted in an arm I can barely lift to shoulder-high. The good news is I’m starting to get more range of motion in my hips, but still not enough that I might cross my legs on the floor. Sitting Japanese style on the floor is likewise not going to happen soon. [Chekov’s voice]I’m going to live, but I won’t enjoy it very much.[/Chekov’s voice] (Star Trek TOS)

Up first is an interesting report out of WA via a media outlet in SF. No criminal charges for driver who killed cyclist At first when I read this I was angry, again. Then I read the “wrote him a $10,287 ticket” quote from the second paragraph and did not feel quite as angry. The ticket carried a $5K fine and other costs that more than doubled the fine, but because it’s a ticket and not a criminal charge it only has to go before a traffic judge, and when was the last time you ever got anything off from a traffic judge after a wreck?

Lawyer blatherings about an OH wreck. Car strikes bike rider, throwing her to her death Boiled down, the cyclist was following the law and the driver is going to get away with it because, cars. Then the article goes on about the need to have a safe-passing law for incidents like this so that LEO can at least issue a ticket like the paragraph immediately above this one.

More lawyer blatherings. Bicycle accidents often due to the negligence of automobile drivers I would change the “often” to “usually” but that’s just because I read thousands of wreck reports every year where drivers “fail to see” cyclists riding the roads in front of them and the cyclists are blamed for somehow developing the ability to become invisible while in front of a car.

A terrorist act against cyclists in the UK. Edinburgh cyclist injured by clothes line strung across cycle path There were 2 clothes-line traps on the path with visual distractions spread on the ground underneath them, this was carefully designed to injure or kill a cyclist on the cycle path.

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Trucks to carry bike safety message Delivery trucks will carry a bill-board sized PSA about not passing too closely to cyclists.

Lifestyle in CA. Downtown Chico businesses support fundraiser for killed bicyclist

Last link is another “revolutionary” hub motor development. Smart Wheel By FlyKly Could Change Everything About Commuting Already known that e-assist bikes could drastically change commutes in the EU and UK, and their e-assist regulations are downright repressive while still allowing e-assist to exist. The big problem is not the bikes, it’s the infrastructure here in the Big PX and sprawl. Back when I was a member of the working world this bike would have barely been able to get me to and from work because of the sprawl here in the Metroplex. And this was after I started bicycle commuting…

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0,02, Opus


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