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Still a mess, and the Feed

Winter finally dipped a toe into the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell this morning with a sub-freezing low temperature. I’m sure that for many a morning low temperature of 28°F on 11/13 would be a balmy break from the cold, but we just had a daytime high near 80 on Monday and 28 on Wednesday just doesn’t allow time to acclimate to the change in temperature. My fingers (and toes) are still hurting from the temperature change and I’m wearing a sweatshirt to go with my wool socks. Hell, we just shut down the AC less than 2 weeks ago because it finally stayed under 78 in the house without it. In the [Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth]”Good News Everybody”[/Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth] category, the cargo bike is scheduled to be complete about 1/15/2014. Baby name suggestions still being accepted, so far the front-runners are “Woody” and “Thistle”. Other nominations include “Box”, “Bike”, and “Hey You”. And one lone suggestion of “Cat” because like a cat it will be very unlikely for this one to come when its name is called. The donor bike is a BSO from the 80s that has zero personality, none, zilch, nada, so no help there.

Up first why is there a controversy about not killing cyclists? When a cyclist is killed, why does the driver get the benefit of the doubt? and Death Of Paul Lin, Orange County Bicyclist, Latest Rider Killed By Driver Who Faces No Charges also No criminal charges for driver who killed Everett cyclist but $10,287 ticket Cyclists get killed, but aside from the occasional ticket (OK sometimes HUGE ticket) nothing seems to happen to the killers. I have been complaining about this in this blog pretty much from day one, certainly since I started on WordPress. Just FYI Day One was late 2006 and I have been here on WP since November 23 2008. So I have been doing this for a long time, and complaining for a long time, and now someone else seems to have noticed the same things I have been complaining about.

Someone is trying to do something about the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicycle safety takes center stage in St. Johns County meeting Unfortunately the comments show why infrastructure is needed, badly.

More on an OH hit-and-run. Prosecutor To Present Charges To Family Of DeSales Teacher Killed Something is seriously screwy with this case. More Suspect In Deadly Hit And Run Struck Cyclist Two Years Ago

Still in OH. Cyclist Seriously Injured in Chillicothe Hit-Skip This is like the 4th OH hit-and-run in a month, is there something in the water or something?

Speaking of OH hit-and-run… Former Intell reporter hurt in serious hit-run accident Good to hear the cyclist is in rehab for his injuries. My rehab was delayed because of all the road rash I had and the skin graft that had to completely heal before I could start any intensive rehab.

A NJ cyclist gets arrested on outstanding warrants after getting scraped off the road. Report: Injured man charged with escape after trying to leave hospital Nothing on the actual wreck or on what the warrant was for. Generally just bad journalism all the way around. More, but still nothing about the wreck or the nature of the warrants. New Brunswick man charged with trying to escape hospital

A cyclist is injured in Canuckistan. Injured cyclist recovering This is another wreck that does not pass the “smell test”. I guess if the bicycle went into shimmy then the narrative makes sense, but that’s not something the cyclist has much control over. And shimmy can cause parts to fall off of a bike, I had a bike go into shimmy and shake off the kickstand that was welded to the frame. If similar happened to this cyclist he could have lost control very easily. But how to prevent? I dunno.

Another cyclist hit in Canuckistan. Man riding bike hit by car near Casino Regina the cyclist left-crossed oncoming traffic, not much room for blaming drivers there. To avoid yield right-of-way when turning, to prevent see previous statement on avoiding.

More on that anti-cyclist terrorism in the UK. Cyclist hurt after hitting rope tied across Edinburgh path “I am completely horrified at how it was premeditated and so well designed.” Yes, acts of terrorism usually are premeditated.

Links to a bad wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed after being hit by truck in Sydney and Cyclist killed in Sydney truck collision Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And leading from this wreck into the next paragraph Cyclist killed in Sydney as 40% rise in death toll prompts call for action

Sort of infrastructure-ish. Number of cyclists killed on NSW roads doubles in two years So this year was a 40% increase over last year and a 100% increase over 2011? Or last year was 40% more than 2011 and 100% increase over 2010? Either way is going the wrong direction.

Lifestyle in CO. ‘Ghost Bike’ memorial planned Sunday for cyclist killed in Fort Collins

Infrastructure! news from SC. The City should pick a Charleston company to run bike sharing program Pay the national company to do what it does best, then let the local company take over the day-to-day stuff.

Last link is humor. 11 Signs You’re Definitely a Cyclist Hmm, I guess I’m not a “cyclist”, just a guy that rides a bicycle.

And those are all the links to bicycle articles that gave me fits.

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