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Excited about the new bike, and the Feed

I’m about to run to the bank to get the check for the new bike. Tomorrow I exchange the check and the soulless BSO in the garage for the chance at putting the bike on the jig for delivery on 2014/01/15 or thereabouts. I’m practically giddy with excitement. What’s the emoticon for almost sorta kinda jumping up and down? 😉 Because I’m jumping up and down on the inside but diligently typing on the outside… 😀 And in a few minutes I’m going to stop typing and get on the bus to the bank to get the check for the bike.

Up first the annual statistics are out on people killed in traffic for 2012 and we cyclists came out on the short end of the stick again. 2012 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview More people died overall, with most of the increase coming from cyclists and pedestrians. And this in spite of VMT holding steady during the economic “recovery”. Drivers are getting complacent again since they discovered that somebody really has to screw up royally for someone to die in a motor vehicle wreck inside the car, for cars made from 2008 on. Also Traffic deaths rise for first time since 2005

More on the “Is it OK to kill cyclists?” meme from the LA Times. Killed or injured cyclists had it coming? Get a grip, motorists. and from the UK If We Talked About All Road Users The Way We Talk About Cyclists

The “big story” today is the filing of charges and naming the suspect in an OH hit-and-run. Charges Filed In Fatal Hit-And-Run Involving DeSales Teacher and Woman charged in hit-skip crash that killed DeSales teacher also Woman Charged In Hit-Skip Accident That Killed DeSales Teacher this too UPDATE: Delaware Co. Prosecutors File Charges in Fatal Hit-and-Run not done yet Charges Filed Against Woman In Delaware County Hit-Skip That Killed Teacher last one Ohio driver charged in cyclist’s hit-and-run death Some links indicated the driver will be pleading guilty to the charges which carry a 6 year prison sentence.

A MN cyclist is hit in an intersection. Cyclist Struck, Injured By Vehicle In St. Cloud There is a traffic control there but no word on which vehicle had the right of way. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another MN cyclist is hit in an intersection, but I can’t find the wreck scene in Google Maps. Bicyclist killed near Parkers Prairie The narrative indicates the cyclist ran a traffic control, but as I can’t find the intersection I can’t say for sure. Intersection wreck implies that intersection protocols to avoid, the rural area suggests that a segregated bicycle highway would be needed to prevent a similar wreck.

More on that PA cyclist killed by a freight train. Pa. cyclist struck, killed by freight train The interesting thing is the cyclist was not trying to cross the tracks in front of the train but rather somehow got caught in the works and sucked under the train. The problem is the bicycle was shredded by the train and the cyclist didn’t fare much better…

A GA cyclist gets hit from behind, commentors blame the cyclist for being in front of the motor vehicle. Cyclist hit by car on West Broad St. Since the cyclist’s lights and reflectors went unmentioned it can be assumed that both were at or above legal requirements, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An SC cyclist is hit from behind. Updated: Orangeburg bicyclist dies after crash Nothing on the cyclist’s state of lighting which probably means the cyclist had legal lights and reflectors and the driver just was not looking for a cyclist on the road. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CA cyclist and a pickup truck had a head-on collision on a foggy road. Cyclist injured in Aptos crash CHP does not know who was on the wrong side of the road in this wreck (yet). This is one of those wrecks that I can’t say how to avoid, but it seems pretty obvious that had the cyclist been riding on segregated infrastructure that was appropriate for the area the wreck never would have happened.

A CA cyclist hits a car in the bike lane. Bicyclist hurt after crashing into parked car Even though the bike lane was plainly marked “No Parking” that doesn’t mean you can barrel down it without looking…

A cyclist is assaulted with a deadly weapon in S.F. CA. S.F. driver arrested for attack on bicyclist Not a good thing to try to run over a cyclist you’re having an argument with in front of witnesses and cameras…

A driver looking at the brown leaves and bare branches of a Utah late fall runs into a cyclist. UPD: Teen distracted by autumn colors when she hit bicyclist For everyone that believes this story I have a bridge I would like to unload, cheap. This wreck is very much like the previous wreck in that there is little to nothing a cyclist can do when confronted with a vehicle at any speed in your lane, there’s just no reaction time. Infrastructure to prevent.

A CA newspaper gets it all wrong. Editorial: Everyone can make roads safer All of the wrecks cited in the article had cyclists following the law and wearing helmets and with bright colors and lights and reflectors in the dark for those hit in the dark, so what do they suggest? Wearing helmets and bright colors and using lights and reflectors or IOW exactly what the deceased cyclists were doing when they got killed.

Lots of links to stuff outside North America today. Like this from Enn Zed. Cyclist lost consciousness in road rage attack The driver admitted to deliberately attacking the cyclist then tried to invoke a fictitious “other” pickup truck driver when he went to trial… Can we add “not a Mensa candidate” to his CV?

The Infrastructure! problem from the UK. London cyclist deaths: Met warning over HGV ‘killing machines’ When one kind of vehicle is responsible for 8 out of a total of 13 fatal wrecks, there is something wrong with that type of vehicle in that environment.

Another of the kind of infrastructure articles you hate to read. Death spike: why cyclists are dying twice as fast on our roads Oz hasn’t been “bicycle friendly” lately. The quality of driver hasn’t been helping, especially with the never-ending drumbeat from Media that cyclists don’t belong on the roads. More Uneasy riders as cyclists rattled by steep rise in deaths

Infrastructure from Copenhagen. SNAP-ON TILES LET CITIES TEST OUT BIKE LANES [PICS] Bike lanes that can be assembled by a kid (actually a crew of kids) at the rate of a km a day.

More infrastructure in this death report from Enn Zed. Coroner cites road layout in cyclist’s death That road was changed to eliminate that pinch point within 6 months of the fatality.

Lifestyle from WI. Silent ride honors killed bicyclist and Silent tribute: Bicyclists remember colleague killed in hit-and-run crash

Lifestyle from S.F. CA> Public memorial this evening for Cheng Jin Lai, bicyclist killed in SoMa

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today. You wanna see something that didn’t give me fits? Go over to SFist and read the BatKid coverage. I just dare you to not like what they did for that 5YO.

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