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Bean day so I get to cook, and the Feed

One of the joys in my life is when I get to cook I get to pick the menu. I like beans and rice cooked together, so that’s what I fix. I make 2 cups of beans mixed with a cup of brown rice (uncooked measures) with a mix of 3 different kinds of beans, For nutrition I use lentils and black beans, then add small red beans for more flavor, 2/3 of a cup of each. I put them in the slow cooker with 10 cups of hot water for about 4 hours, then add cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic powder and salt and allow to work for about another half hour then remove a portion for the person that doesn’t like rice in her beans and add the cup of brown rice to cook for 2 hours (sometimes a little longer so we don’t get crunchy rice).

Another cyclist is shot in what is developing into a national trend. New information released on 13-year-old shot while riding bike I have no idea how a person is supposed to avoid getting shot whir riding around the neighborhood. The good thing is that bullets are much less fatal than cars. This was in FL but that really doesn’t make any difference in what happened as FL does not appear to have any more cyclist shootings than any other state with lots of cyclists.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike bolsters that reputation. Motorcyclist and Bicyclist Killed In Melbourne Crash and Owner of Suspected Melbourne Hit & Run Vehicle Contacts FHP I’m wondering about how they decided the cyclist was “crossing” the street instead of riding on it with one witness dead from a secondary hit-and-run and the cyclist unconscious…

Just one state up from the previous link. Griffin bicyclist on fundraising ride struck by van, killed in Glynn County Another blind driver hits a cyclist that was plainly visible from behind. The cyclist’s escape route was blocked by other cyclists in this case rendering the hit-from-behind protocols pretty much useless. Infrastructure to prevent, including making drivers at fault and criminally liable in hit-from-behind wrecks during good visibility conditions like in this wreck.

Another cyclist is killed in NYC. Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run Driver In Williamsburg There were pictures of the wreck scene and victim posted in the comments section, click that link advisedly. From the crime scene pictures it looks like a buzz job, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Among other things requiring LEO to search for all related video (see this link) and prosecuting all hit-and-run as homicides if the victim dies.

A MO cyclist is hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash and Springfield cyclist killed in hit-and-run Intersection wreck so protocols might have helped depending on the speed of the weapon vehicle> Get the infrastructure right to prevent. Looking at the crime scene the infrastructure changes would be primarily a lower speed limit and legal changes to make drivers more leery of hitting a cyclist.

A PA cyclist is hit in a very similar wreck to the MO cyclist. Bicyclist injured in crash in State College In this intersection wreck the driver was running a red light in the initial narrative, so intersection protocols would be moot to avoid damages. Getting the infrastructure right might help prevent the wreck.

More on the driver arrested for a CO hit-and-run. Police arrest woman suspected in hit-run crash that seriously injured cyclist in Fort Collins and Woman arrested in Nov. 6 hit-and-run bike crash near CSU The callousness of this woman getting out of the car and talking to the bleeding victim unable to move from where he lay in the street is mind-boggling. And the fact that had she stayed at the scene there was no fault on her, and until she left the wreck was the cyclist’s fault…

A kid is hit in Las Vegas at an intersection. Police: Vegas boy, 12, hurt in car-bicycle crash Looking at the Street View of the intersection reveals that in order to be able to see oncoming traffic from the direction of the weapon vehicle the cyclist would have had the be almost in the lane of traffic where he was hit. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A hit-and-run in CA. Police: Bicyclist dies after hit and run in Ontario Hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols might have been helpful, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Ghost bike for a CO cyclist. Fort Collins cyclist, killed in October accident, remembered with ghost bike The cyclist was killed by a blind driver in a left cross wreck, why are they asking cyclists to be more careful? The deceased cyclist was one of the most careful cyclists there was and he still got killed because a driver went into an area he couldn’t see…

A VA town places more bike cops on the street and sees a drastic reduction in street crime. Police officers on bicycles can provide more aid Also the bike cops have a greatly reduced response time to traffic wrecks.

Lifestyle in CA. Memorial Bike Race Held for North County Cycling Victim

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Let’s make our cities a haven for cyclists I got some sad news for them if they think NYC is any paragon of cycling infrastructure…

Infrastructure in Oz. Uneasy riders as cyclists rattled by steep rise in deaths and Cyclist deaths hit nine-year high on Australian roads

Infrastructure in Enn Zed. Spotlight on cyclists’ deaths

Last links. This Photo Of A Cop Ticketing A Brooklyn Cyclist Has It All The picture says volumes, but this link screams. NYPD Ticketing People for Riding Bikes on the Willis Avenue Bridge Bike Path No that’s not a typo nor a mistake, NYPD was giving cyclists tickets for riding a bicycle on the bike path. The plainly marked bike path at that.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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