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[*Deity]! riding Dart takes a ton of time, and the Feed

I got home about 1600 tonight after leaving the house at 0815 to go to the Lab Rat Keeper and pick up meds from the pharmacy, with no dawdling except when I had to. I spent more than 90 minutes waiting for transfers, so any dawdling I felt the need to do had plenty of time to manifest… And the weather was slightly above normal today after hitting 89 on Sunday, and getting down to 28 last Thursday… If you don’t like the weather in North TX just wait a while (well about 9 months in the summer), it will change.

Up first is more on that cyclist shooting in FL. Increased police presence starts after teen shot riding bike I’m still not sure what a kid is supposed to do to prevent getting shot riding a bicycle within a block of his home.

More on the cyclist hit-from-behind in GA. Cyclist killed during fundraiser ride in coastal Georgia Still the same wreck, hit-from-behind protocols made moot because there was already something in the escape route, infrastructure to prevent.

A bit north of that in SC. Cyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run Collision in West Ashley Nothing on the mode or location.

An AZ cyclist was hit without ID. UPDATED: SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT FINDS INJURED CYCLIST’S FAMILY Hit-and-run but nothing on the mode…

Another CA cyclist is hit-and-run. Bicyclist injured by hit and run driver in Soma What you wanna bet they don’t get 22 detectives looking for the video on this one either? From the description of the vehicle probably a hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent, including but not limited to actual investigation of crimes committed with motor vehicles followed by prosecution against those crimes.

A helmetless cyclist is blamed for the wreck in far West Canuckistan. Kitchener cyclist injured in collision with car Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another helmetless cyclist is blamed for getting hit by a bus that cut him off and crushed him… Cyclist killed by bus “not wearing a helmet”, says Met police. Huh? How wearing a helmet is supposed to prevent getting hit by a bus, or make massive blunt-force trauma to the torso survivable I have less than no idea. This is part of a string of 6 dead cyclists, the majority killed by buses or semis, in just 2 weeks in London. Sixth cyclist in just two weeks killed on London’s roads after collision with lorry

Reason number 256 that NYPD can’t issue speeding tickets, too busy arresting cyclists for loud radios. Video: Cyclist Arrested For Biking Too Loudly

Last link, what do you say to an agency that has always placed the onus on cyclists to not get hit by cars? Turning the tables on traffic safety responsibility You make a parody of their web site. T R I M O R E is a parody of this site which in many forms has vexed PDX cyclists for years as it places all the blame for cyclists getting hit on the cyclists and never on the blind drivers that run cyclists down and claim cyclist invisibility.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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