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I finally get to spend a whole day at home doing work, and the Feed

Today has seemed so… unrushed. I got up a little earlier than normal with pretty much nothing to do but read e-mail and web comics because I had already filtered the midnight report from the Feed, and when the mail came I did my thing with it and went back to reading the e-mail and then filtering the rest of the Feed when it came in about noon. Compared to yesterday where I spent most of the day with nothing to do until the bus got there today is almost languid. I mean sure I got lots of meditation in between and on the bus which does wonders for my BP and stress levels, it’s just that today seems more relaxed. I mean I haven’t wanted to kill anyone all day, which is rare for me. Yesterday I felt like I was always on the verge of a PTSD attack with the lack of ever getting anything done. That’s one of the reasons I spent so much time meditating.

Something Interesting happened while I was out waiting for one of the buses that I had to wait most of an hour for. Someone pulled off the street to ask if I needed some money. I must have some kind of invisible neon sign flashing that says “Give this guy money!” following me around because this isn’t the first time that has happened to me, not even the first time recently. I mean really, WTF? I just got an unsolicited $2k to buy a bike, then people stop me on the street trying to give me money. Not complaining, just confused.

A buzz job baffles authorities in AL. Police investigating man’s mysterious death in Tuscaloosa Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And teach LEO how to investigate a bicycle wreck.

Another cyclist added to the list that makes FL the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicyclist killed in Punta Gorda crash In this case the cyclist left-crossed himself so intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update from NYC. Cyclist Killed In Possible Hit & Run Was Brooklyn Record Store Clerk I’m glad to see that this is getting treated seriously, but with the news that the cyclist killed “always wore a helmet”, the fact that there wasn’t one at the scene causes me to have pause.

A report on a CO man injured in CA. Colorado bicyclist hit and critically injured pedaling on Lake Tahoe highway Hit-from-behind at highway speed in the bike lane, good luck in avoiding that one. Infrastructure was clearly inadequate in this case and a “bike lane” that is nothing but a glorified shoulder on the road would not pass muster in the Netherlands. If you are going to go to the expense of doing it, do it right the first time.

Continuing in a CO vein, more on the alleged human being that left a bleeding cyclist unable to move in the middle of the street. Police: Suspect in hit-and-run that injured CSU student confessed to friends So now add perjury to the other charges against this alleged human, who would have been allowed to go her merry way had she stayed at the scene and been sober, and even if not sober now faces more prison time than she would have gotten for a non-fatal wreck while DUI. Seriously, people, think before you drive.

A SD man has to live with the consequences of killing a cyclist and doesn’t like it. Record not wiped for driver who struck, killed bicyclist Boo hoo, he has a felony record. He also has a dead man’s family that has not been compensated for the death of their loved one. The jail term and community service are a very mild price to pay for killing while DUI.

Back to CA for a sad report. OC bike rider died a week after she was trapped under car; 80th SoCal cycling death this year Right hook that was covered in this blog back when it happened.

That ditzy and dangerous UK driver that bragged about her hit-and-run of a cyclist on Twitter has been found guilty and almost-sort-of-punished. #Bloodycyclists motorist fined over bike collision and Cycle tweet motorist ‘did not think he was injured’ The driver only got around £700 in fines and fees, of which the cyclist gets goose egg for his being the victim.

Weak justice in Oz. Driver charged with hitting cyclist Hit-and-run from ages ago just now getting charged when he was caught the same day as the wreck?

Infrastructure! news from the US Gov’t. Bipartisan bills promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety introduced in U.S. House, Senate Ratcheting the safety spending up from less than 1% to anything permanently over that would be a good thing…

A cartoon about SC bicycle infrastructure. Stegelin: The racket over Riley’s racks

I guess this is sort of infrastructure-ish? Study: Northern Colorado hospitals see 80 percent increase in bicycle injuries Apparently CO has become a “target rich” environment for cyclist-haters to drive in? But that wouldn’t explain the increase in MTB wrecks.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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