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Another mule day that I don’t need to haul groceries, and the Feed

Well it’s grocery shopping day again, or what used to be known around Casa de El Poeta as Mule Day as I packed the week’s comestibles home from the store on my back or bike. Sadly, that is a thing of the past as I don’t have the bike or safety gear to do that any more. Instead we depend on our son to take us to and from the store in his hybrid. And it’s not even a plug-in hybrid, just one that uses a tiny ICE for cruising supplemented with an electric motor and KERS for short bursts of acceleration. But it meets Mrs. the Poet’s criteria for a “good car” i.e. a windshield, roof, and doors with roll up windows and climate control.

Up first is a “breaking” NJ report that never got updated. Accident with car and cyclist leaves one injured in Hackettstown Other than a rather broad location there wasn’t anything about the mode or geometry of this wreck.

Update on a hit-and-run in NYC. Report: Cyclist Killed In Williamsburg Hit-And-Run Was Popular Record Store Staffer LEO are now positively calling this a hit and run.

Update on a NY cyclist death that caused me great anger. Family of Cyclist Killed on Sound Avenue Reacts After Driver Arrested Again That’s right they couldn’t prove impairment so he got off scot-free to kill again, only this time he did something else illegal. For those whose google-fu is weak, this was the guy that crossed a major highway in a van full of children and hit the cyclist head-on on the cyclist’s side of the road. And in spite of two drugs in his system the DA could not press any charges because NY has an impossibly high hurdle to prove impairment by drugs other than alcohol.

A cyclist in MA is hit-from-behind. Cyclist injured when hit by car in East Falmouth Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

The last word on a VA bike wreck. Lawyer: $100,000 settlement following bicycle death ‘woefully inadequate’ At fault wreck with criminal charges conviction and the most they can get is the limit on his insurance policy. TANJ!

A drunk cyclist is lucky to be alive in MT. Bicyclist cited for crash with pickup truck in Great Falls Intersection wreck that likely would not have happened if the cyclist was sober, but protocols anyway, and infrastructure that protects drunk and sober cyclists alike from interactions with killing machines to prevent.

CO is still looking for the goombah that left a kid at an insurance office and stole his bike after a wreck. Search continues for hit-run suspect If you see the guy, slash his tires so he can’t get away and call the cops.

Update on a MO hit-and-run. Cyclist killed in hit and run ID’d They found the weapon vehicle as well, driver soon to be in jail. Still an intersection wreck in a residential area that needs traffic calming (not stop signs).

Hit-and-run “door prize” in WA. Seattle cyclist injured in crash asking driver to come forward I’m still trying to work out the geometry of this wreck, as this is the only “door prize” wreck I have heard of that the cyclist hit the same car twice.

A cyclist is killed JRA in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in northwest Toronto Intersection “near” the wreck but they still don’t know anything about the mode. Until I get more information I can’t say what would avoid this wreck with the built environment, or what changes in infrastructure need to be installed to prevent it. More Cyclist struck, killed near Sheppard and Allen

Another cyclist hit in Oz. Man charged after hitting Pinjarra cyclist Nothing on the mode, just that the cyclist was hit and severely injured and the driver left but was caught later.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Boris Johnson considers rush-hour lorry ban to save London cyclists and Outcry over 6 cyclists killed in London also Police promise ‘zero tolerance’ for dangerous drivers as 6th cyclist dies in 14 days

Good infrastructure news from Austin. IN AUSTIN, A BUS-BIKE ALLIANCE PAYS OFF

Ghost bikes. ‘Ghost Bike’ memorial erected in remembrance of cyclist Cyclist killed in Austin, TX. And Ghost bike memorial emphasizes bicycle safety for riders, drivers Cyclist killed in CO.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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