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My Warlock is starting over on a Wreck-Free Sunday

After a disastrous game session last time, it was decided that we had too many new players who did not know how to play their characters and we needed to start over with a new quest and level 1 characters. Since I had the only remaining character that had survived the entire 3 years the previous campaign had been going on I was allowed to reset my character to zero and raise my worst stat to maximum. Since my low Wisdom stat (9) had nearly gotten my character killed in several encounters because I was constantly blowing spot, listen, and search checks I took the opportunity to buff out my character a bit. I also rebalanced my skills points to enhance my spellcraft and use magic device rolls with the idea of eventually getting really good at making magical items when I hit a high enough level to do so. My character class can make magical items that cast spells if I get a high enough score on a “use magical item” roll even if I can’t do the spell myself (as an invocation), which means I will be able to heal party members as well as blow shit up.

Anywho, the story on my new character is he’s the son of my old character after he got really high-level and set up a Warlock’s Keep and married better than himself. After discovering that his only son (out of a number of daughters) was also afflicted with the Mark of DisNee and a warlock of humor Sparrow trains him somewhat and sends him to an outlying village to protect it from monsters. By using the range effect of the Eldritch Blast he manages to not get killed while keeping monsters at bay or outright killing some. This gets him noticed, and the local monarch decides to recruit him to a quest… Unlike his father who could summon noisy items when it was funny this Minion of DisNee can summon oversized mallets to hit people over the head when they are stupid and it’s funny to do so. This causes no more injury than an open-handed slap and is just a way of pointing out that a fellow party member is acting stupid. It can also be used to startle enemies when the party has initiative, or to deliver the final blow as an enemy is dispatched.

On another front I mentioned yesterday I was going to have to get a new cell phone. Unfortunately I was unable to get my contacts transferred from the old phone to the new one, and couldn’t remember the PIN to keep my old number when I bought the new phone, so now I have a new phone and a new number and none of my old contacts. Bummer, dudes! 😉

And I’m getting tired of looking at this computer now.

PSA, Opus


I think I need to buy a new cell phone and the Feed

My cell has been acting wonky lately, taking forever to charge and putting up stupid error messages (“No battery”) while doing so, and the battery life has plummeted from over a week to maybe 2 days if I don’t use it except as a pocket watch, or a day if I actually make calls or texts.

Also I got a nice message from Automatic Inc. congratulating me on 5 years as a blogger with their service (WordPress.com). That’s right, 5 years ago today yesterday I made my first post on this blogging service after moving it once before when I had to change providers because they wouldn’t allow outside links and then to WP when my previous service started shutting down my blog as a spam site because I had so many external links, which as you can see is the nature of this blog, I do almost nothing but external links. So I was forced here by a blog service that didn’t understand the nature of my blog and lost the nearly 2K clicks per day I used to get on that service (which is one of the reasons that blog service no longer exists). They lost a lot of advertising income when they shut my blog down. And they did the same thing to hundreds of other blogs so I don’t feel like the Lone Ranger…

Up first is a look at a potential killer driver from inside the car. #523: Life with a no-good, very bad terrible driver This is the kind of driver who will claim a cyclist “appeared out of nowhere” when they run one down in a bike lane…

Just down the road from WoaB World HQ a SWCC is hit. Police identify cyclist killed after being struck by car Thursday night A major cause of this wreck was crappy infrastructure, which is a big problem around these parts. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get that crappy infrastructure fixed to prevent.

Update on the formerly secret machinations about an OH hit-and-run. Trial Set For Woman Charged In Teacher’s Hit-And-Run Death This is a very odd case.

Outrage on the case of the woman hit from behind in MD. Grand jury: traffic tickets suffice in case of dead cyclist Trish Cunningham and Md. driver won’t face criminal charges in crash that killed track coach on bicycle So apparently it is OK to kill cyclists in MD.

A cyclist get squished in GA. Bicyclist struck, killed in Marietta New trend, “falling off the sidewalk” is the new “suddenly swerved from the shoulder”. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Bicyclist Killed in Franklin Road Accident

A CA cyclist is hit in an intersection. Petaluma boy on bike hit by car, hospitalized Nothing on the mode but it was in an intersection, so intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another update on a CA cyclist killing. Deadly Camp Pendleton Bus Crash Investigation Revealed The cyclists were basically hit from behind by the bus with a guardrail to the right blocking their escape route so the hit-from-behind protocols are moot, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another link to the elite athlete killed bicycle commuting in the Great White North. Adrian Dudzicki, elite squash player, named as cyclist killed by car Nothing new to add about the wreck. Lots new about the charges against the driver.

Another reason from Oz why sidewalks are terrible bicycle infrastructure. Cyclist jailed for killing elderly woman Don’t hit the pedestrians!

A cyclist is wiped out in Enn Zed, by a dog? Dogs ended cyclist’s plans Yep, you have to be really careful around dogs.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Boris Johnson fails to see the light on cyclist death toll in London It has been definitely established the infrastructure in London is rubbish, blue paint called a “superhighway”.

And those were all the links that gave me fits yesterday.

Billed @€0.02, Opus