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Only getting what I have to on Black Friday, and the Feed

Well I had to go out shopping today, but I didn’t go consumer-crazy like you may have seen on TV. I bought a tube of glue and groceries, that’s all. I didn’t hit any of the big box stores, but I did go by a few on the way to and from getting what I needed and the ones in my neck of the woods looked a trifle empty for Black Friday, I mean there were actual parking spaces to be found all over the place.

Up first is a cyclist killed on an Interstate outside OKC. Cyclist killed on I-35 As for why the cyclist was riding on the Interstate, the highway sliced a lot of formerly connecting routes in two with dead ends at the highway so getting from A to B sometimes requires going through G,H, and I. Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CA wreck leaves a teen cyclist in bad shape. Long Beach Teen Critically Injured In Bicycle Hit-And-Run From looking at the Street View of the scene, there wasn’t a whole lost of time to see either party in this wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid, and as this was in the middle of what passes for a dense residential area in CA this would be almost exactly the kind of infrastructure already in existence as bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands, except with a much lower speed limit and more liability for motor vehicle drivers.

Update on a cyclist’s murder with a motor vehicle in the Great White North. Still no answers in disabled cyclist slaying They have the weapon vehicle (literally in this case, not just the designation of the vehicle that struck a vulnerable road user) but because the vehicle had been sold at least twice in “off the books” transfers who actually owned the vehicle is unknown.

A cogent analysis of the current state of bicycling in London. Wheels but no way

Should bicycle detection systems like the one in this link be required for all heavy vehicles with large blind spots (semi trucks, gravel haulers, large delivery vehicles)? Should every truck should have this cyclist/ pedestrian detection system?/a> As the article points out authorities can’t even make side guards that pay for themselves in reduced fuel usage within a year mandatory, making a $1300 detection system mandatory is going to be pushing it hard.

Infrastructure news from MD. Bel Air Cyclist Hit by Car: ‘You Have to Have Stricter Laws’ This came real close to being the “DOY!” article of the month, but they saved all the real obvious article premises for the end of the month and this one was beaten out.

Infrastructure news from Oz. Mind the gap Queensland cyclists could be dobbing in drivers Looking up the term “dobbing” in an online Ozzy slang dictionary reveals it to mean similar to “snitching” in the US, i.e. informing on wrongdoing to authorities. They will be looking to cyclists wearing helmet cameras to provide evidence of violations of their new passing clearance law.

Lawyer blatherings about bicycle safety from the Great White North. <a href="http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1613479 " target="_blank"<Rotondo Law Firm, a Leading Toronto Personal Injury Law Firm, Warns Cyclists to Be Careful After Fatalities Hit Four-Year High Really, after one cyclist was outright murdered, and other cyclists were hit by red-light-runners, it’s the cyclists that need to be careful? (and I made 3 tries to get the link posted correctly, if it looks funny to you I’m SOORRyy)

The “DOY!” article of the month. Distracted-Driving Deaths of Pedestrians, Cyclists Up in U.S., Study Finds I’m sure that they could radically alter that number upwards if they could find out what was happening inside all the hit-and-run weapon vehicles that kill cyclists and pedestrians.

Last link is a TV ad for a tilting cargo trike, made like a car ad. MK1 – Tilt-action cargobike from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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