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Slippers are built but problems are found, and the Feed

Gluing socks to flip flops to make slippers works without further modifications, but making the resulting combination lifted to accommodate my short leg requires additions. To wit while the right side flexes as I walk and stays comfortably in place the left side tries to pull my foot out of the sock because it does not flex much when I walk. So I have to cobble up (shoe making pun!) a strap from the heel to the front of the ankle to keep the slipper from wandering away from my foot. Can I tell you that this is the part of making things that I love? Because it is, I love facing problems and finding solutions to those problems. To be totally honest I was slightly disappointed that the right slipper worked so well right out of the box. I mean what fun is that having the initial design working with no modifications needed? So anyway I think I will need to find some Velcro straps to glue to the left slipper to keep the heel in place, the arch and toe areas are not having any problems with the lift or the lack of flexibility in the lifted sole. And I just went to the mailbox to check if the mail had run and I need to place one strap around the back to keep the slipper from sliding off the front, and a second strap over the front of the ankle to keep from pulling away from the back of the slipper when I flex my foot and lift my heel as I stride. I will have to research where I can get these locally, I might just salvage them from the sandals I was using before their soles crumbled…

Up first is more on the cyclist killed on I35 in OK. Bicyclist struck and killed on Interstate 35 Looking at the Street View of the scene reveals a rest area between mile markers 46 and 45 which could explain where the cyclist started from, with a possible disabled vehicle as the reason why someone would be riding a bicycle on an Interstate highway. Anywho, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, if you ever find yourself having to ride on an Interstate highway. From the street view it does not look like there is a rideable shoulder there either.

Moving to CA a cyclist is hurt in a SWCC wreck. Cyclist seriously injured in collision If the report is accurate then intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, or hit-from-behind protocols if the cyclist wasn’t really “crossing”, but either way get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Still in CA but a little south is another link to the kid that got hit in Long Beach. Teen cyclist critically injured by hit-and-run driver in Long Beach Same thing as it was yesterday, limited sight lines create a condition that only by severely restricting the speed limit (20 km/hr or 10 MPH for the US) could this be made safe for people not encased in light armored vehicles.

Another cyclist is killed in the most deadliest (grammatical error on purpose to emphasize how deadly it is) state in the US to walk or ride a bike since before I started writing this blog. Deputies looking for suspect involved in fatal hit and run on 21st Avenue Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Keep the crazies away from the cyclists and this won’t happen.

Still in that most deadliest state, another notch in the steering wheel… Bicyclist killed in crash on US Hwy 301 near Florida State Fairgrounds OK slightly confusing here, the cyclist was in the right turn lane when hit while crossing the road? That sounds like there may have been some deliberate action on the part of the driver of the weapon vehicle to “not avoid” the cyclist. Anyway, intersection protocols to avoid and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent.

Another cyclist is shot, this time outside NYC. Man Killed While Riding Bike Home… I honestly can’t say how to avoid something like this, I can’t even say for sure the cyclist was shot because he was riding a bicycle, it might have been something else entirely.

An update on a cyclist killed in OH. Lost in a tragedy, Route 101 needs a bicycle lane

Mass protest in the UK for better infrastructure. More than 1,000 cyclists stage a mass ‘die-in’ safety protest after six riders are killed in London in the space of just a month

Lifestyle in NM. Park now honors girl killed in 2012

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits.

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