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I don’t have a theme today, and the Feed

Nothing of Great Import to report today, not even as momentous as putting 2 cups of beans and 10 cups of water into a slow cooker and then adding some spices and a cup of brown rice 4 hours later and 2 hours after that calling it dinner. That’s the Reader’s Digest version of yesterday. Today isn’t even as exciting as that. Which is definitely Not Bad, days that are interesting to write about are seldom fun to live through. And I have more than my share of days that are fun to live through and interesting to write about.

The one thing that is sort of interesting to write about is the other denizens of Casa de El Poeta have decided that 1) they were tired of not having coffee, and 2) they were not fond of the dinky 5 cup coffee maker that I was resurrecting building from the remains of the previous coffee maker. So we have a new 12 cup coffee maker that is currently being purged of the junk that accumulates in transit when you get a new coffee maker. Since I have recovered from my previous half-gallon/day coffee habit I’m in no hurry to get the damned thing up and running, but I got overruled on that 2-1 in favor of setting up the new coffee pot.

Up first is a direct link to the UK study that found drivers really don’t have any trouble seeing cyclists unless they want to have trouble seeing cyclists. Walker, I., Garrard, I. and Jowitt, F. (2013) The influence of a
bicycle commuter’s appearance on drivers’ overtaking
proximities: An on-road test of bicyclist stereotypes, highvisibility clothing and safety aids in the United Kingdom.
Accident Analysis and Prevention. ISSN 0001-4575 (In Press)
And that has to qualify as the longest headline I have ever used in a link. Not that there is any kind of contest for that or anything. And the initial link to that study can be found in this article. High vis clothing doesn’t make cars pass you more safely, says new study

Commute Orlando looks at AFRAP laws. A Law Like No Other

Update on a VT wreck that injured several cyclists. Cyclists injured in Tour de Farms are mending, will receive new bikes It appears the cyclist with the worst injuries was the one that went into the windshield of the weapon vehicle until it was stopped by the tree.

A ninja cyclist is hit in NJ. Michael LaRose of Berkeley hurt after being struck by a car while riding his bike Yep, lights at night is not just the law, it’s a danged good idea!

And from the rest of the world starting with the UK, that cyclist who went around a car stopped in the ASL box and was ticketed for jumping the red had the case dismissed. Case dropped against London cyclist who crossed red light for safety As the article pointed out, dropping the ticket was good, but it never should have been written in the first place.

A pinball wreck in the UK. Cyclist killed in two-car collision in Norfolk; police say ‘low winter sun’ a problem on the roads that day As in US pinball wrecks there is nothing a cyclist can reasonably do to avoid getting caught in a pinball wreck. And unless it includes a barrier that can stop a speeding car infrastructure isn’t much help either. More Witness appeal after cyclist dies on A140 at Marsham

And we have a wreck in Oz. 37-year-old bike rider hit by ute this morning OK I really don’t understand this one, the driver was backing up so they blamed the cyclist because some ride in the sidewalks? Not just hit by a vehicle driving backwards but driving backwards at such a rate the cyclist went over the roof? TANJ!

Backlash over a State Supreme Court judge that hit a cyclist while DUI. Hit-run widow Di Gilcrist wants alleged drink-drive Supreme Court judge Anne Bampton removed from the bench Yeah, I concur, an officer of the highest court of the region should not be allowed to take office until all pending charges are dismissed, or ever if found guilty of causing injury while DUI.

Last link from Oz is a bit of satire that takes all the arguments against cyclists and places them in such an order that they contradict each other… 14 reasons we hate cyclists

And you thought the US has a cyclist death problem… China Marks 2nd National Traffic Safety Day Yes, you read that right. China kills more than 5000 people a year just on e-assist bicycles. That’s not even counting the regular cyclists and pedestrians, of which the US kills less each year combined than the number of e-cyclists alone killed in China. That’s a lot of cyclists.

Last link is to a fun trike made even better with a little assist. TerraTrike Rambler with E-BikeKit Review [VIDEO] Personally I think it rides a bit high in the front, but that’s required to give the relaxed seating position.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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