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Slippers are completed, and the Feed

I found some glue and a hunk of webbing that was the right length yesterday, and used the two to put a strap on the back of the lifted slipper to keep my foot from sliding off the back. I tested it this morning and had no problem getting the slipper on (that I wasn’t having before I installed the strap) and was able to walk pretty much everywhere in the house and out to the mailbox without having to stop and pull the slipper back on. I was able to walk normally while doing this, so I call the slipper project finally a success. They’re ugly, they’re warm enough without being too warm to wear in the summer, and they stay on my feet when I walk while protecting my feet from pokey things on the walk when I get the mail. All design goals have been met. And yes, being ugly was a design goal.

Up first is a bicycle race video with on-board cameras. Wolfpack Hustle | The All Out War Format You may remember Wolfpack Hustle as the group that raced a jet airliner in a cross-town challenge during Carmageddon a couple of years ago and won. Well they also stage races and bicycle-centric social events in the Greater L.A. area. And what does this have to do with the normal subject matter of this blog? Nothing, I just liked the video…

Update on a PA wreck that was charged as a deliberate assault, but not assault with a deadly weapon. Police: Man drove vehicle over boy’s bicycle after argument in Carlisle So even though the assailant used a weapon that is classified as a WMD by the Geneva Convention against an unarmed person, it wasn’t assault with a deadly weapon because, frell you, cars. Everybody got that? Good. When is the protest against the prosecutor?

Update on a KS wreck with staggering medical bills. Driver Charged With Hitting Girl On Bike In May | Medical Bills Top $500K Two things stand out about this wreck, the first is of course the size of the medical bills, that dwarfed the ones from my wreck. The second is the length of time between the wreck and the filing of charges. The kid was not even in the street but riding in gravel beside the road, and it took from May to November to get charges filed because? I know, I know, “process”.

An AZ cyclist is not out of the woods yet after getting hit from behind by a suspected drunk driver. Bicyclist badly hurt in Scottsdale collision Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the drunks off the roads to prevent. Oh yes, infrastructure!

A CA cyclist is hit from behind in an intersection. San Jose: Bicyclist killed in collision with SUV And the report has been updated since I filtered it last night and the cyclist has died. I think it’s safe to say the driver violated the 3-feet-to-pass law signed by Gov. Moonbeam this summer, but is that law in effect yet?

Another link to the cyclist hit by someone driving backwards at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk… Cyclist hit by reversing ute “Ute” is not a Native American tribe from the Intermountain Region of the US in this article, but Aussie for “pickup truck”. And what’s the deal with warning cyclists to be careful, when the driver in this case was so clearly not just at fault but criminally wrong?

And more evidence that Aussie drivers are “entitled” as a cyclist is severely injured after getting hit by a car on a closed race course. Cyclist hit by car in triathlon chaos Seriously, closed roads and they still get hit by a car? WTF, man?

More on the SA judge that hit a cyclist allegedly DUI. Calls for SA Judge to step down after hitting cyclist under the influence

Last link, a WA cyclist recovers her stolen bike as it was enroute to a sting against the thieves… Woman spots her stolen bike on front of a Metro bus, gets it back WoaB does not suggest this as a method of recovering a stolen bike.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits (including fits of giggles) today.

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