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From near 80 to sub-freezing AGAIN, and the Feed

Yesterday I was sweating in my shorts and t-shirt, today is kinda chilly (30°F and falling), and tonight promises to be downright scary. The forecast is for freezing rain and sleet… let’s just say I’m glad I got the slippers done when I did because I would have been really in trouble with what I had been using before. And right after I typed that the heel strap on the left slipper broke, making me go back to the sandal again to go pick up the mail, and did I mention it was chilly today?

Up first is an update on the legal proceedings in the death of a CT cyclist killed in a left cross. Justice before forgiveness for cyclist’s widow

A SWCC wreck from LA. Troopers identify bicyclist involved in fatal accident Um, yep, US 90 is on the preferred bicycle route for the Southern Tier transcontinental crossing, I’m sure that the cyclist would be crossing the preferred route instead of following it. But the article doesn’t give the direction of travel for either vehicle, just that the cyclist was “crossing”.

An OH salmon cyclist is injured. Lakemore teen seriously injured when car hits his bicycle This looks like it would have been a hit-from-behind wreck with minimal injury had the cyclist been going in the correct direction.

Fatal wreck in CA. Teen Cyclist Killed In San Jose Crash And we get another story with nothing on the mode or directions of the vehicles and only a vague description of being “near” an intersection. The thing that set me off on this one was a cyclist and a motor vehicle were in collision, so the spokesman for the police admonishes “pedestrians” to be careful, because there were so many (none) involved in this wreck…

A CA cyclist is injured in an intersection wreck. Bicyclist injured in crash on Soscol Avenue at Vallejo Street and 13-Year-Old Boy Injured in Bike-Car Crash Two things immediately popped out reading these two links: 1) They didn’t blame the kid for anything in this wreck. 2) That bike was in pretty good condition for a wreck with injuries that serious. Other than that in spite of two links I can’t tell you anything about how to avoid the wreck except “Infrastructure!”

And another link to the woman in Oz demanding the DUI judge step down from the state Supreme Court. Hit-run victim’s widow Di Gilcrist takes aim at ‘driving under the influence’ judge Anne Bampton who hit a cyclist This is taking a “One set of laws for the elites, and another, more strict set for the rest of us” vibe.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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