OOhhhhh, the shineys, and the Feed

Well, we got precipitated upon while the temperature was below freezing last night. That means I awoke to the sounds of chainsaws removing fallen tree limbs from the streets and people’s roofs. I wore my usual attire when I checked the mail which sparked some disbelief from my neighbors especially the first two times I went out wearing a pair of soccer shorts and my new slippers, I decided to add an event t-shirt for the third and fourth trips because I was also surveying the damages to and from our trees and would have to spend longer outside than just a trip to the mail box (actually I didn’t check the trees etc. on the third trip, I used a hammer to break the ice from the mail box and that took a few minutes to manage without damaging the mail box). As I began typing the outside temperature was 25°F but because the ground is so warm we are getting some melting as heat trapped in the ground works its way to the surface. The roofs and trees aren’t getting any benefit from this, but it looks like the walks will be clear by sundown. Our trees fared pretty well, the live oak in back that took so much damage from that EF0 tornado a few years back seems to have survived the ice without further damage,(ETA as I finished up the post I had to go take out the trash and the whole back of the live oak is shredded from limbs that were ripped off in the afternoon, I don’t think we will have a tree there this spring) and the pecan out front also seems undamaged. But the ash has at least one limb on the ground and another on the roof, fortunately without damage to the roof. There also appears to be at least one other branch that is just dangling but is broken from the rest of the tree. We may have to cut the ash way back to get anything resembling a healthy tree shape. And the shineys mentioned in the headline? The ice looks like jewels on the trees and structures. And yes I know how to spell “shineies” but that didn’t look as good as the other spelling.

Also interesting is I did a Google image search for a witch riding a bicycle. That in and of itself wasn’t interesting, but finding every single image I have ever loaded or hot linked in this blog since I started in 2008 was… Basically if you saw it in these pages, I found it in the search. And I also found other images of witches on bicycles.

Up first is a fatal wreck about 3 day’s ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Houston police searching for hit-and-run driver who killed young cyclist Intersection wreck but with the reported levels of destruction I have doubts that intersection protocols would have done anything to mitigate the damage, much less avoid the wreck. Infrastructure might have prevented the wreck by moving the cyclist away from the homicidal maniac driving a killing machine.

One killed and another injured as the most deadliest state in the US adds another notch to its steering wheel. 1 killed, 1 injured in Orlando hit-and-run and Owner of Mercedes in fatal hit-and-run goes to FHP headquarters And that second link has changes twice since I filtered links last night. Originally last night FHP was searching for the Merc, this morning the Merc had been found, and this afternoon the owner has been speaking with the FHP. As of this posting LEO are sitting on the details of the wreck so I can’t advise on avoiding or if infrastructure would have made any difference in the wreck. They aren’t even saying if they were two-up on a standard bike or riding a tandem or some kind of cargo bike with a passenger seat. The only detail I have is they were riding the same bicycle when they were hit. Which is about as useful as stating two victims of a hit and run wreck not involving a bicycle were in the same car.

Also in FL someone is leaving booby traps (tacks) in the roads and bike paths, and vandalizing memorials to fallen cyclists. Cyclist haters on the loose in Lake? BOLO for more road terrorism.

Another SWSS in GA. Bicyclist hit, killed on Wednesday The narrative has the cyclist leaving the sidewalk directly in front of the weapon vehicle. Can I see a show of hands for those that believe this? Hello, anyone? Buehler? Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Include in that infrastructure training LEO to take the single surviving witness of a fatal encounter, who also happens to be the person in control of the deadly weapon responsible for the death, with a grain of salt as big as the weapon vehicle.

Update on a SC hit-and-run. Man charged in Bluffton hit-and-run The narrative for the wreck is that of a deliberate assault as the cyclist was crossing the intersection with a 4-way stop.

A NM cyclist is killed riding on an AF base. Bicycle crash kills Lockheed worker Once again, LEO are sitting on most of the details on this wreck including which street the cyclist was using, or if the cyclist was actually in any street. When LEO don’t say what street the wreck happened on, that’s sitting on a story reallllllly tight.

Moving to CA we get the first of a few wrecks from the Golden State. South San Francisco: Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run crash Intersection wreck and since this media outlet did not blame the cyclist for running the stop sign at the intersection it can be safely assumed the cyclist did not run the stop sign. Intersection protocols to deal with the built environment, and since this is mostly residential and services (there is a private school across from a senior citizen’s center in the Street View) the only change to the infrastructure would be a reduction in the speed limit of 10 MPH to a new limit of 15.

Another CA wreck continues the theme for today of LEO sitting on the details of the story as I post. Teenage Bicyclist Injured in Traffic Collision Once again the only “detail” we get is a location “near” an intersection.

A young male cyclist is hit in Oz. Boy dies while riding bike and Sarina boy, 7, killed when his bike and a car collided Intersection wreck, so protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right so a kid can get around the neighborhood without getting killed.

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde that’s none too jolly. Two-Thirds of London Cyclists Have Increased Safety Concerns Combine that headline with an earlier report of 1 in 5 London cyclists temporarily (!) giving up cycling because of the danger of getting killed even when doing everything right (as the cyclist killed last year while waiting in the ASB in front of an HGV)… The unmitigated gall in putting a substandard bicycle lane down with some blue paint and then allowing people to park over it whilst calling it a “superhighway” and “world-class infrastructure”… the phrase “snake oil” comes to mind.

Lifestyle in AZ. Hand Cyclist inspires young man injured in trampoline accident You can do a lot of things without legs, including riding a bike.

And I don’t know how to classify this report except that it make me very angry. NYPD: 1,499 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 17 Killed in Traffic in October IIRC about half of those pedestrians were killed by cars driving on the sidewalk, or more in the month of October 2013 than killed by cyclists since 2000 everywhere in the 5 boroughs. And yet they still managed to give out more tickets to cyclists for running red lights during car-free times in Central Park than they gave speeding tickets in some precincts. TANJ!

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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