The roads are covered in sheets of ice and people who don’t know how to drive on ice on a Wreck-free Sunday

Three days after the storm they’re still towing away wrecks here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, mainly because the weather pattern of get cold enough to freeze then be above freezing the next day we usually get didn’t happen and people insist on trying to get where they are going at the same speed in the same amount of time as when the roads are clear. This bodes ill for using bike facilities that share space with Texas’ drivers in any weather, because if they don’t care about wrecking their cars just because the weather turned bad how much consideration do you think they will give to fragile human beings sharing the roads with them protected by only a strip of paint?

It has been brought to my attention that there are some LEO here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell who understand bicycles and are trying to spread that knowledge around. Adults are already entrenched in their thinking that bicycles are toys for the most part (see the Gigi Story page) so they are working on the kids to make a difference. Garland ISD middle-schoolers attend bicycle repair after-school program You gotta get them while they are young.

The outdoor racing season has ended, and the indoor season has yet to get started, so there is almost nothing on the tube for me to watch. Last night there was the awards banquet on Fox Sports 2 for the Sprint Cup series, which was a bore (lets face it these guys are not that multi-talented). So for the time being I have to watch races on YouTube. On my laptop…

Mrs. the Poet is aggravating me about “doing something” about the trees, so to preserve family harmony I’m going to cut this short and get dressed for outdoor labor and run the extension cord to the chainsaw and cut up the fallen trees from the yard.

And as I was composing the previous paragraph I got a text from church that because the daymelt will freeze as soon as the sun goes down making for even worse driving conditions than already exist, evening service is canceled. So I have all day to cut apart the downed tree limbs.

PSA, Opus


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