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Last night was a killer, and the Feed

Last night I didn’t get home until after 2100 because of the snafoodle with the local mass transit agency, and we didn’t even get to stop for dinner along the way, so lunch was a cup of coffee about 1300 and I didn’t get anything else to eat or drink until 2200. Needless to say the reheated leftovers were the best food I had in ages…

First up, more on that entertainment industry lawyer killed by a LACS deputy over the weekend which is still the Big Story. Former Napster Executive Fatally Hit By Police Car While Biking also Ex-Napster COO Milton Olin Jr. Killed After Being Struck by Sheriff’s Patrol Car and Former Napster exec killed on bike after being struck by sheriff’s patrol car LACS has seriously screwed the pooch on this one, not only did they kill a lawyer, the killed a lawyer with a multi-million $$ PR firm under retainer, and hey, they killed a lawyer who was minding his own business. And hey I found some more links. Milton Olin RIP, and a San Jose memorial ride also LASD Sheriff Strikes and Kills Cyclist in Bike Lane with Police Cruiser and from the UK Former Napster COO, 65, killed after his bike is struck by sheriff’s patrol car

More on that MI SWSS wreck from yesterday that I only had a blotter-style report of. Bicyclist killed after swerving in front of truck and Bicycle rider hit by truck, killed Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

I’m still trying to figure out how NYPD can tell e-assist bikes from regular bikes and illegal bikes from legal electric mopeds. Video: Delivery Workers Plead For Relief From Electric Bike Ban

And last link is a bit of privately created infrastructure for S.F. CA cyclists. The Ingenious Way One San Francisco Bicyclist Is Making It Easier to Commute Having good bike routes is nice, but generally useless unless people know they are there and where they go and how to get to them. This solves some of those problems.

And those were all the bike links that gave me fits today.

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Postus interruptus, and the Feed

This post will be written in two parts because I’m going to another doctor today. This is a continuation of the treatment for my back pains caused by having one leg shorter than the other since my wreck. I will be leaving after 1400 and back about 1900 or so. I will add a travel story after I get back.

Up first is a report from CA on a cyclist hit from behind in the bike lane by a Sheriff’s cruiser travelling at a high rate of speed. Breaking news — bike rider killed in wreck with Sheriff’s patrol car and Bicyclist killed in crash with sheriff’s patrol car in Calabasas also Bicyclist Killed in Collision With Sheriff’s Radio Car and this too Bicyclist Struck And Killed By Sheriff’s Patrol Car In Calabasas still more Former Napster COO Killed in Crash With Patrol Car yet another link Former Napster exec killed on bike by patrol car OK I have read several thousand wreck reports and know that it takes an impact of 50 to 60 MPH or higher to cause laminated safety glass to shatter so that flying glass intrudes on the passenger compartment so as to cause facial injuries to the driver, which is the case here. So we can deduce the cruiser was moving at 70 MPH or higher (much higher) on a surface street while on “regular patrol”. Protocols in this case would have had no effect because of the high closing speed of the weapon vehicle, and the cyclist was already using appropriate infrastructure for the location. So the only way to avoid or prevent a wreck like this in the future is training and screening of people with deadly weapons. You would think the training and screening of people assigned with the responsibility of having firearms should be enough to prevent incidents like this, but evidence suggests otherwise.

The other “big story” today is a restaurant worker killed in Chicago. Bicyclist killed on West Side and Charges filed in bicyclist’s death: ‘Tragedy of epic proportions’ also Cyclist Killed in Crash Was Marine, Dreamed of Being a Chef As in the previous paragraph the cyclist was hit from behind with little to no chance to avoid the wreck. A parking-protected cycle track would have been the appropriate infrastructure for the site, but not implemented yet. I don’t know what infrastructure was in place or planned but the cycle track would have been the only thing that would have stopped the drunk from hitting a cyclist. If I read the articles correctly, the reason he stayed at the scene was the weapon vehicle was disabled by the wreck and unable to drive away. As in the previous paragraph that requires travelling at more than the posted limit by a large margin.

Also with more than one link is this wreck in Las Vegas NV. Bicyclist Killed in Accident At 0:45 in the video there is a light reflected from the seat-post reflector the cyclist “didn’t have” Coroner: Bicyclist killed in Eastern Avenue crash ID’d SWCC wreck so intersection protocols apply to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A GA cyclist is killed by a drunk driver. Police: One dead, biker seriously injured in drunk driving incident Sorry, but when I was filtering this link I saw the driver was doing 86 MPH when he hit the cyclist and saw there was a death and assumed the cyclist was the one that was killed, but it turns out the passenger was the one that died, so far. Hit from behind wreck, but because of the speed involved there would have been nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid the wreck with the built environment. Get the infrastructure right to prevent a future wreck, but to be honest I’m not sure what that should be. The location speed limit of 45 MPH suggests a parking-buffered cycle track would be the thing to do as far as physical infrastructure is concerned, and recycling vehicles used by drivers with multiple DUIs as part of the legal infrastructure changes to prevent a similar wreck.

An Aussie cyclist struggles to remain on this side of the veil. Young boy fighting for life after being hit by car while riding bike And that is the entirety of what I know about this wreck.

Is Australia about to be the first Anglophone country to actually place a blind driver on trial for killing a cyclist? Driver to face trial over cyclist death Apparently so. The combination of a lowered sun visor, shades, and still hitting a cyclist because the driver was “dazzled” was just pushing it too far for the prosecution.

Infrastructure! news from FL. More bicyclists getting hurt in Broward, Palm Beach counties The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike gets worse, and they still wonder why.

Similar news from CA. High rate of cycling injuries in San Luis Obispo may be a “call to action for decision-makers” It took them three tries to pass a 3-foot passing law and get their Governor to sign it and they wonder why so many get hurt?

A plea for IL drivers to have sense. Drivers, give teen bike riders like me a break This is from what would be classed as a “strong and fearless” cyclist.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Boris Johnson: ‘Death protests’ risk scaring cyclists off the road No Boris, 6 cyclists killed in 9 days does that quite well enough all by itself.

Also from the UK. HGV mag: ‘Our driver killed a cyclist! Read our tragic story.’

With the recent ice storm a set of these on the erstwhile Snow Bike would have been nice. Good friend of my installed 450 screws in his tyres to ride in winter !!!

Last link makes you think. DEAR MOTORIST

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today/tonight. I should add that it was terrible trying to get to the clinic today as the quick routing required taking the train at least part of the way and the trains were at a standstill here in Garland because of ice on the catenary, meaning no power to the trains.

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