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Things are getting weird, and the Feed

OK things are getting a little flaky around Casa de El Poeta lately, and I don’t think it’s entirely my fault. I know the weather is not my fault, but some of the things that people in the house are doing are just bizzzzzarre. Moving things from one place to another, that don’t belong to them. Crying, you would not believe the amount of sobbing I hear around the joint. And moving the thermostat. Every morning I get up and the thermostat has been bumped up a degree or two. Moving the thermostat makes me angry, because that costs me money, and money is one of those things that we never seem to have enough of around here.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, they put another notch in their steering wheel. Bicyclist hit, killed in western Hillsborough County and Bicyclist killed along Sheldon Road The truck driver failed to yield to the traffic on the sidewalk with fatal results, but because the bicycle did not have a headlight that’s OK. And this is another reason why FL kills more pedestrians and cyclists than any other state.

An OH driver that deliberately hit cyclists and then got out of his truck to punch the one he missed in the face gets a fine. Road Rager Who Punched Cyclist Apologizes in Court

More links to the story of the cyclist getting hit by a Sheriff’s Cruiser in the bike lane. Ex-Napster exec fatally struck by sheriff’s patrol car while biking and one of the first links Cyclist fatally struck by LA County Sheriff’s car in Calabasas and the updated link Cyclist fatally struck by sheriff’s car is ID’d

Also from CA is another “winner” of a door prize. Breaking news — 37-year old cyclist critically injured in Westside dooring

More on that IL drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Bail set for DUI driver accused of killing cyclist

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Barclays to discontinue its sponsorship of ‘Boris Bikes’ as cycle deaths on London roads increase

A sort of infrastructure-ish article. Bike helmets are less effective than we think That being said I still wear a full face hard shell helmet (as safe as a bicycle helmet can get) every time I ride, except when I need to ride with my ears unencumbered to diagnose a malfunction or impending malfunction.

Here’s a chance to ride away on a high-end e-assist bike with good climbing capability. Win a ProdecoTech Outlaw SS Electric Bike! I’m already entered, but I’ll be (almost) as happy if one of my readers gets the bike.

One of those “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels” videos turned out to be useful besides as an object lesson (don’t do this because it hurts). Video Of Brutal Bicycle Accident Allows Doctors To Link Impact Forces To Specific Facial Fractures Yeah, don’t do that, and wearing a helmet won’t fix stupid.

I need to find wheels as strong as these seem to be. This Is The Greatest Cycling Video Of All-Time

Schadenfreude. Tourist Maimed By Cabbie Sues City For $27.5 Million Go get ’em Sian!

Last link is a fun video for a really big toy. Sorry about the delay

And those were all the links about bicycles (more or less) that gave me fits today.

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