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Getting ready for Yule, and the Feed

As part of the activities leading up to Yule this year my church is making a Yule Log to work beneficial magicks for the upcoming year. Since I have access to lots of wood following the ice storm I have chosen an arm-sized (one of my arms, so we’re not talking small here) hunk of ash from the front yard. Since this was a live tree just last week I have been using the oven at a low setting to force dry the wood so it lights easily and burns well. This has the delicious side effect of making the whole house smell like a burning ash log. This week we will be decorating and charging the log with desires and energy for the coming year and then Sunday after next we will burn the log in what will start as a solemn ceremony that turns to celebration when the log is consumed. Special beers and meads have already been selected for consumption. There will also be a selection of sausages and cheeses to go with the beers and mead. This is a tradition that hearkens back to pre-Christian Europe, so we’re gonna party like it’s 99BC 😉

Up first is a sort of wreck report and sort of lifestyle article from Houston. Houston bicyclists ride to honor woman killed in hit-and-run Cyclist killed riding on a residential street with on-street parking to act as traffic calming in a hit-from-behind wreck. Since residential areas are shared space under the Dutch model and traffic calming was already in place the only changes would be a lower speed limit and stricter enforcement of traffic laws when violations endanger pedestrians and cyclists.

I couldn’t believe that this took place just a few miles west of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Updatedx4: Teen Kills 4; Judge LITERALLY Lets Him Off Because He is Rich! Drunk kid runs into a crowd of people killing 4 and gets let off because he’s too rich!

Update on a FL hit-and-run where information is being withheld from LEO. Mom of teens in fatal hit-and-run suing suspected owner of Mercedes It seems the owner of the vehicle could be charged with interfering with an investigation unless invoking the 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.

Another MI cyclist is injured in a hi-and-run. College student injured in hit-and-run accident while riding his bike to work Aaaannnnd when they got back to the scene of the crime all that was left was the back wheel of the bike, all other evidence was taken either by the driver or confederates, or by ghouls looking to steal anything of value. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Apparently Milt Olin was hit by the only LACS cruiser without a dash cam. Sheriff’s deputy strikes, kills cyclist on Mulholland Hwy. Yes, the cruiser that hit the cyclist was not equipped with a dash cam. How they managed to do that is up for questioning, but that seems to be the case.

Also in CA a driver is charged after killing a cyclist while using a hands-free device. Ashley Bell charged after hitting, killing bicyclist while using hands-free device It’s the cognitive impairment caused by the phone call, not the inability to control the car with only one hand, that causes the wrecks. At least in this case they got it right.

Update on the CT driver that left-crossed a cyclist and left him for dead. Conn. man pleads not guilty to charges in road accident that fatally injured cyclist OK this is just SOP when dealing with the courts, everybody pleads not guilty unless they are facing such a mountain of evidence they think a guilty plea will get them a lower sentence.

In the Great White North another cyclist is injured by a chemically “enhanced” driver. Bonavista cyclist injured as driver charged with impaired Nothing on the mode in this article, so Infrastructure!

Infrastructure! news from CA. Fixed-gear bikes banned on county park trails OOoohh! can I get SUVs banned because one was present in a hit and run against a cyclist?

More from CA about infrastructure. SLO Ranks 7th Most Dangerous City for Cyclists That’s a ranking for CA cities, not US overall. Greater Miami is still the worst city for cyclists in the US.

AZ isn’t left out of the infrastructure news today, either. City rolls out pedestrian, cyclist safety campaign

More infrastructure from AZ. Cyclist calls for action from Marana PD The comments section should read “Cyclist calls for PD to enforce the laws, people get upset because cyclists break imaginary laws”.

Lifestyle from the Windy City. Community Rallies For Family Of Hector Avalos, Chicago Cyclist And Former Marine Killed In Crash

Another Lifestyle article. Bicycle brings newfound freedom to injured Stockton veteran

And lifestyle from Chuck aka Charleston SC. The Second Annual Bikes Brews & BBQ WoaB endorses this event. I especially endorse the pig riding a bicycle event poster.

And those were all the bike links that gave me fits today.

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