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Just about the time we warm back up it gets cold and precipitative, and the Feed

The back yard here at Casa de El Poeta does not drain well and has been a swamp since last week’s Icepocalypse here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell (does that mean Hell froze over? I’ll leave that discussion to y’all) and had just about dried out enough that I could get enough traction to actually start on the remains of the live oak. But today I awoke to the lovely visage of freezing fog and drizzle, meaning the drying out process in the back yard was halted and most likely reversed. So I still have a back yard full of downed tree limbs that I can’t move enough to get the chainsaw to them to haul them away… Oh, and during the week when it finally warmed up a bit the ice didn’t just melt away and run off as water, it separated from the trees and buildings and bridge superstructures in large chunks. Some of those chunks were big enough to crush cars and cause casualties among pedestrians on sidewalks. Fortunately because nobody walks here pedestrian casualties were minimal, and because our LEO were actually on the ball streets and highways that were under areas of falling ice were closed until the ice cleared. So, except for the first few people who were in the line of fire when the falling ice began civilian casualties were minimal among the automotive group as well.

On the personal front this weather has been playing hell with my injuries. Specifically the cold has triggered “phantom pains” in my injured leg. I’m talking 8 on a scale of 10 pains in my foot that nothing I did made them go away except suffer through them. I have hydrocodone pills to deal with actual residual pains from the wreck, but opiates are useless against this kind of pain. Things like this are one reason why I was so upset to not get on the study of medication that specifically treated this kind of pain. What they had been giving me before I couldn’t wait until the onset of the pains to start taking the meds and the side effects of the meds we awful, from strange and disturbing dreams to altered senses of taste and smell. I couldn’t live with the side effects so I have to live with the pain.

Up first is a disturbing update about the Milt Olin wreck. Sheriff handling own investigation into cyclist’s Mulholland Highway death No way this could ever be a cover-up. These guys have no reason to hide any information from the public, like how the cruiser that hit Olin “just happened” to not have a dashcam even installed, much less functioning at the time of impact. Like how there are no skid marks at the scene aside from the one in the bike lane where Olin was hit. Like how the cruiser was at high speed in a residential area without the lights and siren going. Like exactly how fast the cruiser was going (I have seen pictures from the scene, and some show roof damage to the weapon vehicle and some don’t). And an editorial on the subject from the same media outlet. Cyclist’s death renews controversial debate

Update on a door prize in L.A. CA. Cyclist Critically Injured After Clipping Opened Vehicle Door in Brentwood Clarifying that presenting a door prize to a cyclist is a against the law, with possible fines and loss of license.

A blotter report on a bicycle wreck in PA. Sentinel police log for Dec. 12 The report is the second one after the “Middlesex Township Police (249-7191)” headline. Nothing on the mode, but since the driver was given a ticket we know who was at fault here. Infrastructure to prevent.

A hit-and-run in NC has a quick resolution. Woman charged in hit and run that injured cyclist They found the weapon vehicle and arrested the driver before the first media report could come out. Hit-from-behind wreck by a driver that left the road to hit the cyclist, reasons for leaving the road not yet published. Since the driver left the road protocols are mooted as the driver was using the cyclist’s escape route. Not sure if infrastructure without some kind of barrier would have helped here either. One thing that would have helped is making sure drivers are capable of driving in all conditions and that vehicles are capable of responding to emergency changes of speed and direction to avoid obstacles i.e. legal infrastructure changes.

Sort of infrastructure-ish news from NYC. Citi Bike Still Popular In The Cold Go CITIbike.

Lifestyle from CA. Mourners pack service for San Jose teen killed while riding bike

And another helmet article (that looks like a copy and paste from last year’s article) from west of the WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Planning to give a bicycle for Christmas? Don’t forget the helmet for goodness sake! >sigh<

And those were all the links that gave me fits, or not, about bicycles today.

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