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While it’s warm out we still haven’t recovered from the Icepocalypse, and the Feed

Over a week later chainsaws still whine and buzz in my neighborhood as people clean up from one of the worst ice storms to ever hit the Metromess in terms of the amount of property damage. I’m repairing the broken chainsaw here at Casa de El Poeta that was damaged by a fallen limb after I cut it loose from the branch that had pinned it down. Mrs. the Poet still can’t walk down the sidewalk because debris removed from people’s yards and houses blocks the sidewalks. Church services are held in candlelight because we are still negotiating for a repairman and the consequent city inspection before the electricity is hooked back up. The good part is the power people saw the pear tree actually prevented the power line from falling on the ground instead of causing it to fall and did not destroy it like some power companies have been doing when power lines fall into trees.

The Big Story today is the woman that killed a cyclist in OH and left the scene and conspired to destroy evidence was in court. Woman Who Allegedly Hit and Killed High School Teacher … and Woman Pleads Guilty To Hitting Delaware County Bike Rider And with all those crimes she still faces only a maximum 6 years in prison, for killing, leaving the scene of the crime, and conspiring to destroy evidence. TANJ!

From CA we get what looks like a fatal buzz job against a cyclist. Cyclist, 27, killed in hit-and-run on Fruitridge Road The evidence points to a buzz job from my knowledge base. The cyclist is killed but the bike was almost undamaged which is a common situation in the deadly buzz job. I have explained this before but for any new readers the way it works is the weapon vehicle makes a too-close pass against the cyclist and hits the cyclist’s left arm (right arm in countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road) causing it to steer the handlebars to the right (left) and dumping the cyclist right into the weapon vehicle while the bike gets tossed to the side away from the weapon vehicle. This normally results in heavy damage to the cyclist’s head and upper torso, with little to no visible damage to the bike. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right so that buzz jobs become physically impossible.

A rare case of a cyclist getting assaulted 3 times in quick succession and the culprit actually gets jail time. Farmer sent to prison for injuring cyclist The “farmer” assaulted the cyclist 3 times with a deadly weapon motor vehicle, but because he then got out and beat on the cyclist with his fists he then went to jail. In fact had he not gotten out of the vehicle to hit the cyclist there would have been no case.

Really cool Infrastructure! news from SoCal. California Bicycle Route 66 Concept This would be a bike route that went from AZ in the east to the Pacific Coast at the western terminus and would make much of Historic Route 66 bike friendly, and have alternate parallel routing where using the actual route would be too dangerous.

And those were all the bicycle links I found today, whether they gave me fits or not.

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