Mrs. the Poet wants the tree sawed up, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet wants the tree parts out of the back yard by Monday, which means I need to get the bar oil and the chainsaw back together today so that I can saw all day tomorrow. That means I have to get this post done quickly. And having to backspace and correct typos caused by fingers that are wider than the keys on the keyboard is driving me bonkers, so let’s get this over with.

Up first is a ride to remember a fallen TX cyclist. Memorial ride to remember cyclist killed in crash And another media outlet spreads the lie that helmets prevent wrecks… Helmets don’t prevent wrecks, they slightly lessen the effects of wrecks to a small part of the head. I wear a helmet every time I ride but I don’t engage in the kind of magical thinking that wearing one will keep cars from hitting me (that’s what my talisman of shielding is for 😉 ).

More on the victim of that horrendous 2 mile long hit-and-run in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist carried two miles on hit-run car: ‘hard-working, easy-going guy’ Latest word is the cyclist will probably not survive the weekend. And that his future killer is already back on the streets still able to drive. I mentioned this case to Mrs. the Poet and her reaction is that the driver should never see the sky as a free man again, and that she’s sorry for the taxpayers of the state of Florida for having to keep his sorry butt alive for the next 40-50 years. Her take is that this was attempted murder when the driver dumped the cyclist behind the dumpsters, if the cyclist manages to survive, and straight up murder if the cyclist doesn’t survive.

In MS a cyclist is hit from behind by a driver paying more attention to his lunch than to where the deadly weapon that is a motor vehicle was going. Pascagoula cyclist injured in Thursday morning accident with vehicle The driver really “got into” that sandwich, because he never noticed the cyclist in front of him until the actual wreck. Since the wreck was on a bridge there was no place for the cyclist to go (well over the side of the bridge, but is falling from a bridge any better than getting hit at 40+ MPH?) so the protocols are moot, and the infrastructure is what it would be in the Dutch model except for the barrier to keep the motor vehicles out of the bike lane. Fortunately the cyclist only had broken bones and a little road rash. Painful but not fatal or even likely to cause much in the way of long-term problems.

An OR wreck that has me slightly puzzled. Bike rider struck by car in Northeast Portland Did you catch it? The rider was on a street with a stop sign, but LEO did not state immediately that the cyclist ran that stop sign. I read that as there may have been a wreck before the cyclist was hit by the car. More from a news outlet closer to the scene. Bicycle rider hospitalized after northeast Portland collision

Lifestyle from the Windy City. More than $10,000 raised to help family of cyclist hit and killed They went way past their fundraising goals for this cyclist. He’s going to have a fine funeral.

And last link from Jolly Olde on the drunk driver that had already been banned from driving when he killed a cyclist. 6 years in jail for drunk & banned driver who killed Sussex cyclist

Also from Jolly Olde comes a heartwarming story of forgiveness. Boyfriend comes face-to-face with driver of tipper truck that killed his girlfriend…and they hug!

And those were all the links that gave me fits today, now I get to go traipsing about the town getting the chainsaw back together.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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