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I spent the day shopping, and the Feed

Well actually I spent most of the day riding a bus or a train, but you get the idea, I wasn’t here writing the blog post. We went to Plano so that Mrs. the Poet could buy my traditional bicycle gift, when she hates to go to the LBS to get it. She loves getting me bike stuff, she just hates going to the bike store and especially going to the bike store by herself. Then we stopped at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant Taqueria el Torito for lunch before catching another train to train to bus to another store to shop for the grandkid’s first Christmas where he’s aware of things going on around him (last year he just slept through most of it). He’s getting age-appropriate books for Christmas this year, next year he gets the balance bike either for his birthday or Christmas, and the recumbent trike for the one he doesn’t get the balance bike for, so he learns to balance and to pedal separately then gets a real bike to combine the two later. We didn’t get home until after 1900 so we were beat. Riding the bus is hard work, really.

Up first is a hit and run from Houston. Cyclist killed in hit and run crash Intersection wreck, so intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Just up from there a bit, and a day’s ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cycling victim was also an advocate. Cyclist Killed In Crash Crusaded For Bike Lanes He knew that the only reasonable route to work from his home was dangerous and was working to make it less so, but nobody listened until he died…

Update on the LEO that killed a celebrity in CA. Deputy whose patrol car fatally struck former Napster executive named Nothing good has come from this so far, just look at how long it took to get the name of the driver, and add the fact that the cruiser seems to be the only one in the Sheriff’s fleet without a dash cam and things look very much like a coverup.

Also from CA is a cyclist completing a ride that previously resulted in his getting hit head on by a vehicle that crossed into his lane. Local cyclist embarks on a ride that almost killed him one year ago

Still in CA another cyclist is hit from behind in a bike lane. Bicyclist Fatally Struck By Car On Temescal Canyon and Cyclist hit on Temescal also Police IDs Bicyclist Killed on Temescal Canyon Road As it stands now the victim was killed by a drunk, texting driver who was also underaged for drinking.

Because I needed a laugh: The All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby: Conspiracy, Control, and a 1% Mode Share My favorite quote from @BicycleLobby: “If we have made a few motorists angry, we are truly sorry. Our intention was to make all motorists angry

Last link is from Europe, where a cyclist was hit-from-behind. Felix Baur killed while training in Spain At this point besides the geometry of the wreck they know the driver probably wasn’t drunk or otherwise impaired.

And those were all the links about bicycles that I could keep up long enough to get a good link in the post. Seriously, my standards have dropped precipitously today.

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