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After another adventure, the Feed

This has been a very long day for me and it still ain’t done. I have a Christmas tree to put up (still), and presents to put under it, and some time today it might be a good idea to eat.

Up first, are people in Houston trying to kill cyclists? Do Houston drivers hate cyclists? Another biker killed in hit-and-run accident Of course Houston drivers hate cyclists, Houston drivers hate everything and everyone that isn’t them. That includes cyclists because cyclists fall into that category of “not them”.

Still in TX, a really stupid driver. Driver allegedly chugged cologne during Fayette County traffic stop What scares me the most is I was riding my bicycle in that area a few years back.

Another link to the Aussie killed in the bike lane by a drunk and texting minor. Melbourne man killed in Los Angeles riding bike I was hoping this link would have a better picture of the bike lane to show the skid mark left when the weapon vehicle hit the cyclist’s back wheel, and also marks or lack of same left by the weapon vehicle to indicate the application of brakes.

Still in CA a bike cop gets hit-and-run while on patrol on his bicycle. Oxnard police search for vehicle after it rear ends an officer on bicycle patrol I wonder how much more diligently they look for the guy that hit one of theirs instead of one that hit one of us.

Apparently there is a Lodi NJ as well as a Lodi CA because they took this cyclist to a Hackensack hospital when he got hit in Lodi. Bicyclist, 51, struck, killed in Lodi Salmon cyclist, hit in a left cross by a blind driver, I think we hit the Trifecta! Ride with the flow of traffic, and use intersection protocols to avoid a wreck like this, get the infrastructure right to prevent it.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike we get another SWSS wreck. Cyclist injured after darting into car’s path in Port Charlotte, FHP says “Darting” into the traffic lane 9 out of 10 times means the driver was not looking for the cyclist in his lane. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent including making hitting a cyclist from behind the same as felony assault with a deadly weapon.

A cyclist in Singapore is caught on a dashcam video as he’s hit. Cyclist’s terrifying accident near Singapore Expo caught on video Since I can’t see the traffic light I can’t say what went down on this one. I can barely tell that there is a guy riding a bicycle in the video. I have to say that they must not have a very long amber phase in the traffic lights in Singapore because the light for the camera vehicle went green in fractions of a second after the wreck.

And another report that the US has ULTRA CRAPPY infrastructure compared to the Netherlands. Study Says U.S. Has Fewest Cyclists, But Americans Most Likely To Die Bicycling

And those were all the (new) links that gave me fits or otherwise again today. I had a bunch of old links in the Feed that I had already linked to in the blog. Merry Christmas to everyone who hasn’t already finished celebrating.

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