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A quick post before celebrating “Christmas” with my grandkid, and the Feed

Yep, we’re going to the wilds of Denton County to open presents and eat Mexican food (I’m hoping for home-made tamales from someone’s abuela) this afternoon, so I’m dashing this post out and ignoring the tree corpse in the back yard.

Up first is this from BikingInLA. Update: Bike rider killed in Claremont collision; 54% increase in LA County bike deaths this year Hit-from-behind wreck means protocols might have been useful, but what is really needed is to get the infrastructure right as I doubt the number of cyclists in LA county has increased as much as the percentage of fatalities has. More UPDATED: Cyclist Killed in Claremont Crash ID’s as La Verne Resident

The Big Story today is a hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run south of Adelaide, woman charged and Two charged after cyclist killed in hit-run at Lower Inman Valley near Victor Harbor also Cyclist killed in alleged hit-and-run at Lower Inman Valley more Cyclist killed in hit-and-run south of Adelaide, woman charged and a wrap-up of the whole week in Oz Holiday road toll rises to 13 Hit-from-behind wreck with some indication that the driver might have targeted the cyclist because she was the lead rider at the moment, but protocols still might have made a difference in the survivability of the wreck. Get the infrastructure right to prevent including better screening of the people allowed to control what are essentially WMDs. Remember that wreck in ME that the driver hit 3 cyclists, a parked car, and still knocked a house off its foundation with the residual energy of the previous collisions? That’s the kind of destructive power we are allowing people to have control over with less care and oversight than we give people that buy guns that have a much lower lethality and destructive power.

Moving on, there will be was a memorial ride for the cyclist killed on a frontage road to I 35 in Austin. Memorial ride will honor cyclist Part of the problem is the “Autos uber alles” mentality of development from the 1960s to the end of the 20th Century has created areas where you literally can’t get there from here without driving a car. There is no place to walk or ride a bicycle without going along or crossing multiple lanes of high speed traffic, some of it very dense. This is a problem that I don’t know how to solve without spending buckets of money, and currently there are no buckets of money available to make things safe for non-motorized transportation.

Not sure how to classify this except as scary. Look out, cyclists: Southern states have the worst drivers

Expanding on a pair of links I posted yesterday from a very conservative GA newspaper. Why penalize cyclists?

Last link is a report on a solar-charged e-assist MTB. Hi-Power Cycles HT-1 Electric Bike with Portable Solar Charger: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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