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I’m doing that decapitated chicken thing again, and the Feed

How did I get so busy? Between the blog and church and trying to cut up the fallen tree bits in the back yard I barely have time to take a deep breath. I mean when did this happen? I went from writing a blog and reading web comics with long bike rides nearly every day to having to figure out a schedule and manage appointments and still get things done outside and never getting any time to ride the bike. I’m an “Old Dude”, this shit ain’t supposed to be happening to me…

Up first, I hate being right about things that are stupid. This is really stupid. This Bike Suit Makes You Look Like a Marvel Superhero Remember all those stories I mentioned the glow-in-the-dark clown costume? It’s here. >shudder<

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike another is killed in a SWCC. Orlando police officer strikes, kills bicyclist The Street View of that intersection shows no bicycle infrastructure at all and poor pedestrian infrastructure. The cyclist would have had to been crossing from the grassy median to get hit on the right side. And I wonder how many “witnesses” were not riding in that police car.

Up north a bunch from that a driver with 13 major moving violations in 3 years hits and kills a cyclist. 13-time Loser Kills 61-Year-Old Bicyclist I agree with the author of the article, how was this guy driving to be there to kill the cyclist? And also I agree with the “suspended license means never drive unless you want to go to jail”.

From NM an act of terrorism is dismissed as a “prank” because the intended victims were cyclists? Steel cable tripwire prank causes bike crash, injury Had this “prank” been set up across a road and damaged a car and injured a driver, would it still be a prank?

A cyclist is killed in Central America (that place south of Mexico). Another Knocked Down And Killed On Christmas Eve SWSS again, which the police apparently did not believe because there were a plethora of charges placed on the driver. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

It has been a bad weekend in Oz for cyclists, starting with this update on a wreck I covered Saturday. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run south of Adelaide, woman charged

Things get worse from that with another hit-from-behind wreck. Young cyclist dies in road crash and Cyclist killed in Tasmania road smash According to the first link the cyclist was in compliance with all applicable laws, including one that put him 18″ from the outside edge of the road IOW completely outside a driver’s vision.

An indictment of the state of infrastructure in Enn Zed. Cycling: It’s hell on two wheels The comments are made by mostly what Archie Bunker would call “meat-heads”. You know, dead from the neck up?

More infrastructure from CA. Smith: It’s taxing when we consider getting from place to place Here’s a clue, there was lots of bike infrastructure in existence at the turn of the 20th Century, it was called “streets” and everybody paid for them and everybody could use them. Asking cyclists to pay not to get killed sounds an awful lot like extortion…

I keep telling people that motor vehicles are WMDs, here’s another example of that from CA. Suspected drunk driver crashes into home, killing resident The vehicle retained enough energy after plowing through the wall of a house to cause death inside the house.

Lifestyle from down the road a bit. Wife of cyclist killed in crash speaks the night before his memorial ride

One of those I really don’t know how to classify. Inside: McLaren and its partnership with Specialized

Last link is a review of the first Clyde off the line. I’m getting the second. Customer Review: The Clyde It appears to have sufficient capacity for a large amount of groceries limited more by volume than by weight.

And finally I get done with today’s links just before I get hit with tomorrow’s.

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