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It’s cold and wet again, and the Feed

Well it’s Yule, and that means the annual Poet family bitchfest about setting up the fake tree even though we don’t have anything to put under it (everybody is getting gift cards this year except for the people I made home-made gifts for). Add to that the fact that this year we have 2 trees, a potted live tree that is already decorated that Mrs. the Poet won at her school district Christmas party and I think is perfect for us (think the tiny tree in “A Charley Brown Christmas” post “love”). I don’t want to fight with setting up the fake tree when we already have a perfectly good live tree that was sitting where we set up the tree anyway.

And because of the weather conditions reported in the headline the tree removal has been postponed because Mrs. the Poet doesn’t want me to drag the extension cord through the swamp that is our back yard after a rain. The extension cord is needed because the chainsaw is electric rather than gas powered. So I would be holding an electric appliance in the rain with the power cord getting dragged through a swamp, what could go wrong with that? 😉

Up first is the final word on a DUI homicide in west TX. Jury chooses probation for Capellan for striking cyclist in July 2012 There was a substantial fine, and a potential 10 year prison sentence that has to be served in its entirety should the driver violate probation.

Closer to home both physically and emotionally. Update: It took Dallas police one day to find Mary Suhm’s stolen custom-made Dallas-themed bicycle Might I remind people that Blue was stolen in August and LEO refused to even accept a picture of me with the bike so they would recognize the bike if recovered.

After a spate of dead cyclists who were hit from behind Austin PD did a sting. APD Cracks Down To Help Bicyclists I could use a law like that to protect me here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. And LEO willing to enforce it.

An unusual report from OH. Grand jury indicts man in bike crash Apparently even hitting a cyclist makes people angry if you do it while drunk. I don’t know that hit-from-behind protocols would be of much use in this one as the second rider was sent over a guard rail, meaning no escape route to make the protocol work. Infrastructure to prevent, like putting the guard rail on the left of the cyclists with clean pavement to the right of the guard rail.

The most deadliest state to walk or ride a bicycle in the US puts another notch in the steering wheel. Cyclist dies in Putnam County crash Thursday evening Apparently the weapon vehicle has deficient headlights so they blamed the cyclist. And since the direction of travel was not given for the weapon vehicle I can’t say what would be the best thing to do to avoid this wreck, but more than likely infrastructure done to the Dutch standard would have prevented it.

A MO wreck that killed a cyclist is called “no criminality suspected”. Police find no wrongdoing in Mo. cyclist’s death

A report on an entitled driver in far West Canuckistan. Hit and run driver asks victim to help free bike from under car The cyclist was hit by a car violating the right of way of the sidewalk as the driver crossed in a driveway, also the injured cyclist was young enough to be legally riding on the sidewalk in Canada. Remember every driveway and parking lot entrance is an intersection and be ready to use intersection protocols at every one. This would be the case even with Dutch style infrastructure.

Umm, I know how angry you get after a hit and run with injury, but taking an axe to the weapon vehicle after the fact is generally frowned upon. Use the axe on the driver 😉 Gold Coast cyclist pushed off his bike strikes back with axe attack on car at Isle of Capri I mean seriously, the guy had been assaulted with a deadly weapon and was still bleeding from the attack and yet he’s the one that got the worse penalties.

An Aussie gets shot in the face in Enn Zed for riding a bike. Australian cyclist injured by paintball Yep, attempted murder, it is.

A IL lawyer says the hooraw over wearing plastic hats could be damaging the cases of injured cyclists. Hysteria Over Bicycle Helmets Could Subvert Justice

Infrastructure in MA. Boston Cyclist vs. Cranky Driver: Who’s To Blame?

SFFD claims pedestrians are a “special interest group”. SFFD Responds to “Special Interest Group Allegations” on Street Safety Also bicyclists, and everyone not in a fire department vehicle.

Infrastructure from Jolly Olde. Boyfriend of cyclist Deep Lee & driver of lorry that killed her criticise TfL & road layout at inquest

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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Mrs. the Poet wants the tree sawed up, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet wants the tree parts out of the back yard by Monday, which means I need to get the bar oil and the chainsaw back together today so that I can saw all day tomorrow. That means I have to get this post done quickly. And having to backspace and correct typos caused by fingers that are wider than the keys on the keyboard is driving me bonkers, so let’s get this over with.

Up first is a ride to remember a fallen TX cyclist. Memorial ride to remember cyclist killed in crash And another media outlet spreads the lie that helmets prevent wrecks… Helmets don’t prevent wrecks, they slightly lessen the effects of wrecks to a small part of the head. I wear a helmet every time I ride but I don’t engage in the kind of magical thinking that wearing one will keep cars from hitting me (that’s what my talisman of shielding is for 😉 ).

More on the victim of that horrendous 2 mile long hit-and-run in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist carried two miles on hit-run car: ‘hard-working, easy-going guy’ Latest word is the cyclist will probably not survive the weekend. And that his future killer is already back on the streets still able to drive. I mentioned this case to Mrs. the Poet and her reaction is that the driver should never see the sky as a free man again, and that she’s sorry for the taxpayers of the state of Florida for having to keep his sorry butt alive for the next 40-50 years. Her take is that this was attempted murder when the driver dumped the cyclist behind the dumpsters, if the cyclist manages to survive, and straight up murder if the cyclist doesn’t survive.

In MS a cyclist is hit from behind by a driver paying more attention to his lunch than to where the deadly weapon that is a motor vehicle was going. Pascagoula cyclist injured in Thursday morning accident with vehicle The driver really “got into” that sandwich, because he never noticed the cyclist in front of him until the actual wreck. Since the wreck was on a bridge there was no place for the cyclist to go (well over the side of the bridge, but is falling from a bridge any better than getting hit at 40+ MPH?) so the protocols are moot, and the infrastructure is what it would be in the Dutch model except for the barrier to keep the motor vehicles out of the bike lane. Fortunately the cyclist only had broken bones and a little road rash. Painful but not fatal or even likely to cause much in the way of long-term problems.

An OR wreck that has me slightly puzzled. Bike rider struck by car in Northeast Portland Did you catch it? The rider was on a street with a stop sign, but LEO did not state immediately that the cyclist ran that stop sign. I read that as there may have been a wreck before the cyclist was hit by the car. More from a news outlet closer to the scene. Bicycle rider hospitalized after northeast Portland collision

Lifestyle from the Windy City. More than $10,000 raised to help family of cyclist hit and killed They went way past their fundraising goals for this cyclist. He’s going to have a fine funeral.

And last link from Jolly Olde on the drunk driver that had already been banned from driving when he killed a cyclist. 6 years in jail for drunk & banned driver who killed Sussex cyclist

Also from Jolly Olde comes a heartwarming story of forgiveness. Boyfriend comes face-to-face with driver of tipper truck that killed his girlfriend…and they hug!

And those were all the links that gave me fits today, now I get to go traipsing about the town getting the chainsaw back together.

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I survived telling the world how old Mrs. the Poet is, and the Feed

All I got yesterday was a playful slap across the top of my head after Mrs. the Poet read my blog post. So I’m still alive and still married (sorry groupies). And I have a freaking huge Feed today, so let’s get to it.

More on that moron with “affluenza”. Ethan Couch, ‘Affluenza’ Teen, Facing 5 Lawsuits Incidentally there are 2 known and effective cures for “affluenza” to date. One is the complete removal of all wealth from the “victim”. This cure does not result in instant return to “normalcy”, the effects take from one to 5 years to wear off. The second is more drastic and effective, but does nothing for future behavior because the “victim” is terminated with extreme prejudice and therefore has no future behavior. And I apologize for previous statements that DUI(minor) was a felony, that bill did not pass and DUI(minor) is still a class C misdemeanor, even with multiple convictions, and can not result in any jail or prison time only a fine and community service up to a maximum of 60 hours CS. I was right that DUI(minor) is triggered by any detectable amount of alcohol in the blood, but I believe that when the minor has a BAC% that would be DUI for an adult the crime should then be a felony. I’m making that suggestion to my state rep this week.

From NYC comes another pedestrian casualty in the “War on Cars”. Pedestrian Seriously Injured In Murray Hill Access-A-Ride Crash The cars are winning the war by sheer attrition.

Bouncing all over the country today, a ND driver gets a two-fer. Bismarck man accused of striking man on bike, pedestrian I would think the coming back and hitting the other person should make both of these assaults with a deadly weapon, but then again as a victim of an assault with a deadly weapon I might be a teensy bit biased about the subject. But because “FU, cars” the driver is only facing misdemeanor charges with under a year in jail as a sentence.

From CA drivers are actually ticketed for driving without a license immediately after their licenses were suspended in court. Sting Catches Drivers With Suspended Licenses Driving Away From Sonoma County Court They actually towed and impounded the cars of people driving without a license, some of whom were suspended for DUI. Given that at least some of the people caught in this sting were on trial for driving without a license or on a suspended license I consider this poetic justice, the highest form of justice 😉

Still in CA a cyclist is hit from behind while trying to get to work. Cyclist struck by car, injured on Stony Point Road Hit from behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The LEO in this case showed remarkable knowledge of the laws of physics when he described the bicyclist as colliding with the car that hit him from behind.

Still in CA a cyclist is hit from behind (or right hooked maybe) by a semi. Police: Big rig hits and kills bicyclist in West Oakland Since the mode of the wreck has not yet been released the only thing I can say with assurance about the wreck is semis running over cyclists means the infrastructure is horrible.

In MA the ID of a cop that hit a cyclist is kept a deep, dark secret. Boston Police Won’t Disclose Officer Involved in Summertime Cyclist Crash The description of the damages strongly suggests a buzz job or simply merging into a space already occupied by the cyclist, the buzz job can be avoided with hit from behind protocols but getting merged over not so much.

From Far West Canuckistan comes a report that deer are either really stupid or have terrible depth perception. Woman cyclist hits deer, suffers minor injuries

From even farther west than the last paragraph is this wreck. Vancouver Island cyclist struck by second driver as he lay injured on highway Looking at the Street View of the intersection it looks like the cyclist may have been caught by a stale or short green phase when crossing the main highway as it is 5 lanes wide there (plus shoulders) and the cyclist was hit while crossing the 4th lane and knocked into the 5th. At best I can suggest intersection protocols to deal with the built environment, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the UK a driver who had already been banned from driving due to DUI convictions was driving drunk when he killed a cyclist. Banned driver was drunk when he killed cyclist, court told I still don’t understand why people who kill while driving without a license are not charged with weapons violations.

A cyclist in Oz is hit by a driver who was seriously out of control. Car crashes into young Qld cyclist Given the extensive list of property damage concurrent with this wreck, either the driver was trying to kill the cyclist or there was some kind of medical emergency just prior to the collision. Since the direction of travel and lane positions were not given in the narrative I can’t say how to avoid and to be honest it doesn’t look like infrastructure would have been much help in preventing this one either.

Still in Oz a cyclist gets nailed at an intersection. Cyclist in coma after collision with truck This wreck was so similar to the one in the previous paragraph that I had to check my map of Australia to make sure Sydney wasn’t in Queensland (it’s in NSW).

Infrastructure! news from CA. Fire Department hindering street safety There are no words…

In Oz a company is treating a public access as its own property after it was built. Federation bike trail barricaded by concrete company Now I may be wrong about this but I’m pretty sure this company has to use public space to get to where the concrete is needed and that getting to that public space requires a driveway permit to connect to the road/street. I’m also pretty sure you get where I’m heading on this one…

First of a pair of fun links is from Bikeyface. PLOWED It must be nice to live in a place where the roads get plowed when it snows…

And in what can only be described as pushing things to the absurd limits, someone rides a Boris Bike up Mount Ventoux and gets it back before the fine for taking the bike more than 24 hours hits. Cyclist takes on Mont Ventoux in Boris bike adventure – video This is taking a bar bet way too far.

And those were all the bike links that gave me fits (or not) today. Some of this was actually fun.

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Mrs. the Poet turns 60, and the Feed

Yes my blushing bride of more than 35 years turns 60 today. I have a small present and was thinking I should get dinner or buy a cake or something. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mrs. the Poet!

Up first we have another blind driver right here in TX running over a cyclist from behind when said cyclist had a reflective vest on, and lights (plural) on the back of the bike. Man Killed In Round Rock Car vs. Bicyclist Acci and Cyclist killed in Round Rock crash also Cyclist killed in Round Rock crash identified I’m willing to bet that lights were working before the wreck and that the driver just did not pay attention to where they are guiding a lethal projectile. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I’m also willing to bet that there was no better route for the cyclist to take and that he only used the frontage road until he could connect to a safer street. I have lived in TX 24 years and know that when a major highway goes in connecting parallel routes go out to keep people on the highway even when there is a traffic jam. Looking at Google Maps we see that there was a parallel residential road just a few thousand feet from the wreck site that could only be reached from the frontage road where the cyclist was hit.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike comes a gruesome tale of callous indifference to human life. Pompano Beach motorist charged with striking cyclist, then driving for 2 miles with injured man on back of car The cyclist went over the weapon vehicle at impact and became lodged in the back window of the weapon vehicle, and the driver pulled behind some garbage receptacles and dumped the cyclist’s still-living body where he was found hours later. It is not yet known if the cyclist will survive, but even if he does the odds are with his injuries and the failure of the driver to secure medical assistance the cyclist will be paralyzed. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The crime scene is a 4 lane highway in the middle of a residential area and should never have been allowed to exist in this condition. I place a large portion of the blame for this wreck on bad infrastructure that encouraged drivers to act as if they were driving the real highway a few blocks away, rather than the residential area it was. And just as I was wrapping this up I was hit by a massive barrage of links to this waste of human skin. Hit-And-Run Driver Flees 2 Miles With Cyclist Stuck On Car Before Dumping Him Behind A Trash Bin and also Police: Driver hits biker, drives with him on car also Axel Inostroza, World’s Most Evil Driver, Arrested in Pompano for Paralyzing Bicyclist, Dumping Body Well, I don’t know that he “Most Evil” but he’s surely in the top 10 Police say cyclist stuck to rear windshield of car that hit him Not done yet Hit-run victim stayed wedged on car during 2-mile drive, police say still more Driver Hit Bicyclist, Drove Home With Man on Back Window, Then Tried To Dispose of Him: Cops I think this is it Bicyclist struck, carried on suspect’s car OK this is the last link Police Arrest Alleged Hit & Run Driver Who Tried To Dispose Of Body

From MO comes a report that slightly stuns me. Man Charged With Murder in MSU Hit and Run Death Not even the driver of the weapon vehicle in the wreck and he was charged with murder in the death. LEO in this town are on the ball.

Another stunner from CO as the driver in a left cross death is going to trial after rejecting a plea bargain. Truck driver set for trial in collision that killed cyclist near Boulder Don’t forget there was a second cyclist following several feet behind the victim that escaped getting hit by inches. This was a case of another blind driver going where he couldn’t see if it was safe to go.

From Enn Zed another link to the road-raging “farmer” who repeatedly assaulted a cyclist with his vehicle before assaulting him with his fists. Road rage farmer who hit Ironman cyclist jailed

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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While it’s warm out we still haven’t recovered from the Icepocalypse, and the Feed

Over a week later chainsaws still whine and buzz in my neighborhood as people clean up from one of the worst ice storms to ever hit the Metromess in terms of the amount of property damage. I’m repairing the broken chainsaw here at Casa de El Poeta that was damaged by a fallen limb after I cut it loose from the branch that had pinned it down. Mrs. the Poet still can’t walk down the sidewalk because debris removed from people’s yards and houses blocks the sidewalks. Church services are held in candlelight because we are still negotiating for a repairman and the consequent city inspection before the electricity is hooked back up. The good part is the power people saw the pear tree actually prevented the power line from falling on the ground instead of causing it to fall and did not destroy it like some power companies have been doing when power lines fall into trees.

The Big Story today is the woman that killed a cyclist in OH and left the scene and conspired to destroy evidence was in court. Woman Who Allegedly Hit and Killed High School Teacher … and Woman Pleads Guilty To Hitting Delaware County Bike Rider And with all those crimes she still faces only a maximum 6 years in prison, for killing, leaving the scene of the crime, and conspiring to destroy evidence. TANJ!

From CA we get what looks like a fatal buzz job against a cyclist. Cyclist, 27, killed in hit-and-run on Fruitridge Road The evidence points to a buzz job from my knowledge base. The cyclist is killed but the bike was almost undamaged which is a common situation in the deadly buzz job. I have explained this before but for any new readers the way it works is the weapon vehicle makes a too-close pass against the cyclist and hits the cyclist’s left arm (right arm in countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road) causing it to steer the handlebars to the right (left) and dumping the cyclist right into the weapon vehicle while the bike gets tossed to the side away from the weapon vehicle. This normally results in heavy damage to the cyclist’s head and upper torso, with little to no visible damage to the bike. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right so that buzz jobs become physically impossible.

A rare case of a cyclist getting assaulted 3 times in quick succession and the culprit actually gets jail time. Farmer sent to prison for injuring cyclist The “farmer” assaulted the cyclist 3 times with a deadly weapon motor vehicle, but because he then got out and beat on the cyclist with his fists he then went to jail. In fact had he not gotten out of the vehicle to hit the cyclist there would have been no case.

Really cool Infrastructure! news from SoCal. California Bicycle Route 66 Concept This would be a bike route that went from AZ in the east to the Pacific Coast at the western terminus and would make much of Historic Route 66 bike friendly, and have alternate parallel routing where using the actual route would be too dangerous.

And those were all the bicycle links I found today, whether they gave me fits or not.

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Definitely in the “slow news” part of the year, and the Feed

This is the time of year when I don’t have much to link to, mostly from Oz and other “Down Under” locations. There will be a spike starting 12/26 and generally running until 1/7 the next year as kids get run over while riding new bikes, but that is Really Depressing to think about right now. Anyway, while things are slightly less deadly around the blog I figured this would be a good time to remind people that if they make enough noise with their elected officials they can pretty much shut the Feed down by not having any stories about dead or injured cyclists to link to because there aren’t any cyclists getting killed or injured. All it takes is getting the infrastructure right so that cyclists and pedestrians are not second class on the roads. The Dutch have had 40 years of development in not-killing cyclists and pedestrians under their belts and they have all their specifications on line and freely available for anyone to use.

Up first is a kind of death that is becoming all-too-common for CA cyclists. Girl riding bike shot, killed in Compton; suspect sought This is not a bicycle problem, but just something that happens to people whether they are riding bicycles or not.

On the other side of the country a rather cryptic wreck report from a blotter. Croton Cops: Cyclist Hit By Car; Laundry Owner Wants His Carts Back.Police did not charge the driver.” AKA “No criminality suspected” and aside from the fact the cyclist had broken bones and the driver did not suffer anything other than a slight delay that’s all I know about this wreck.

Good news from a Seattle wreck. Injured bicycle rider’s daughter looking for Good Samaritan Since nobody saw the wreck and reported on it I can’t say how to avoid it or if changes to the built infrastructure would have prevented it.

A little kid riding a bike in Oz gets hit and killed. Two children die in separate road tragedies in 24 hours Kid was JRA outside his house when hit, which under the Dutch model would have been shared space with either a 30 km/hr (18 MPH) or a 20 km/hr (12 MPH) speed limit and severe penalties for hitting children.

Last link is Infrastructure! news and very good news at that. Hadley poised to settle federal case with bicycle advocate; agrees to pay $27,500 in lawyer’s fees Basically the town has been told to stop harassing cyclists riding in the street, pay the lawyer’s fees and refund all fines and monetary penalties accrued since they started giving the guy a bad time for obeying the law. Incidentally the police chief has been “sick” since the initial summary judgement against him. Things that make you go “hmmm”.

And those are all the links about bicycles that I had, most of which did not cause fits.

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Meet The Clyde: the new truck in Texas!

This is the first bike off the jig of this model, mine will be the second!

Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles

Featured:  Customer Reviewed, March, 10, 2014!

Move over Silverado and F-150, there’s a new truck in Texas, and his name is The Clyde!

He’s a work horse with a truck style box to quickly haul heavy cargo anywhere it’s needed. Railings offer a quick and easy way to tightly secure your important items for the journey. Open air conditioning and a comfortable saddle, make any work day seem a breeze! Also, a custom made head badge gives it a great finishing touch.

Furthermore, the bicycle isn’t left hanging without great components under the hood.

It’s rear Sturmey Archer, 8 speed, internal gearing engine can take on any hill, and a front Avid disc brake and classic rear caliper brake helps to slow you down with ease. This steed provides the durability and ease-of-use you want with any front loader.

Furthermore, alloy rims and spokes, along with a strong, durable frame…

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I keep tearing up my chainsaw on a Wreck-Free Sunday

In the ongoing project that is clearing the ice damaged trees away from Casa de El Poeta the new chainsaw is taking the worst of it, jumping the chain off the bar at least 5 times requiring bar removal to return the chain to its proper place on the saw. The manual said this was to be expected as well as frequent tension adjustments in the first 10 or so hours of operation as everything “wears in” to where it fits and runs well, and now I’m out of bar oil to keep “wearing in” from becoming “wearing out”. Add the sawdust in my hair from overhead cutting on the live oak and it’s just a mess.

On the subject of that live oak, I could not believe how dense the wood was from that tree. I could barely carry a foot long chunk of limb not even as big as my arm from the tree to the pile that future firewood is going just a few feet away. I had no problem moving hunks from the ash tree out front that were almost as big, which is more than 3 times as far. I could actually carry two logs of ash from out front easier than one of the live oak basically 10 feet from the tree to the driveway and another 15 feet over the driveway. I know oak is heavy but for some reason I figured the evergreen version would weigh less than the deciduous tree.

Mrs. the Poet is concerned that our tree may have damaged the fence that was taken out by excessive rain and soft soils back in the summer. I say the entire fence was destroyed in the summer, just not all of it actually fell down but she says, “Fair is fair and right is right” and if our tree damaged the still-standing parts of the fence then we should help pay for it. I find it amazing the things she wants to pay for now that I have a little money…

And I’m taking a lot of cordless tools and lights to church tonight because the ice storm took out the line from the pole to the breaker box at church. The big problems are that the breaker box is no longer up to codes and basically everything needs to be replaced before we can get our power hooked back up, since the breaker box came off the side of the building when the power line went down. I’m not sure how many times this makes the main panel being replaced, because I know that what is now our church was originally a duplex with a fusebox (or 2) instead of a breaker panel when it was first built in the early 1950s, and the breaker box we have now looks like it might have been installed back in the late ’80s. From what I can determine from second-hand information had the breaker box not been damaged when the line fell we could have just gotten the power hooked back up and called it a day as the existing box would have been grandfathered in.

And as the Icepocalypse fades into memory the high temperature for today appears to have hit 61°F and stayed there for over 2 hours so far, practically t-shirt weather after all the freezing we did last week. That means even though the lights are out at least we won’t freeze at church tonight while we make and charge our Yule Log.

And that’s all that comes to mind about things to be written about today, back to death and wanton destruction tomorrow.

PSA, Opus

Still cold but no longer frozen, and the Feed

It finally warmed up above freezing while I was out today, but it was still too cold to realistically wander around without gloves on. I did it anyway, but my fingers are killing me. I had to go buy a Powerball ticket and some birthday cards so that Mrs. the Poet can give away our money. Speaking of multi-state lottery things like Powerball the Megamillions jackpot is over a half-billion dollars (that’s billion with a “b”) and the jackpot is just under twice the odds against winning it. Seriously, you have a better chance of getting hit by a meteorite as you get struck by lightning and stung by a swarm of killer bees than you have to win the Megamillions jackpot. That didn’t keep me from buying a ticket, because eventually someone is going to win…

Up first on a slow news day (for people that worry about bicycle wrecks) is a wreck in SLC UT that LEO are still sitting on. Cyclist injured in collision with school bus in Salt Lake City It has been my experience that when a government vehicle like a school bus or police cruiser has a wreck with a cyclist and they don’t immediately blame the cyclist it’s because there is no way to find the cyclist at fault. But knowing that still doesn’t tell me what happened so that I can tell you how to avoid the wreck.

A wreck in the UK turns ugly in the comments section of a cycling web site. Updated: 16-year-old girl killed in Cambridge named as Beth McDermott It was coded phrases that blamed the cyclist for causing the wreck because she wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Infrastructure! news from WI. Traffic citation in death bolsters Wisconsin vulnerable user bill advocates Yep, $1311 for killing a cyclist with a large motor vehicle, and that’s one of the largest fines issued in recent memory. TANJ!

Further fuel for the fire, also from WI. Petersen to serve community service for fatally striking bicyclist Yep, hit 3 cyclists from behind and kill one and you’ll get community service instead of prison and financially crippling fines.

Lifestyle from CA. Sunnyvale: About 200 people attend service for San Jose teen killed while riding bike

And a shrine to a cyclist is desecrated by vandals county government. Ghost bike memorial removed from Sanibel Causeway

And that’s all I got today.

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Bonus post: Things I learned while making the slipper socks

Ah yes, another learning moment. First thing I learned is it takes a lot of silicone-based adhesive to attach things to open-cell foam rubber. Second thing I learned was that when you stack a bunch of flip flop soles together they squish rather than bend when you walk. Third thing I learned is when thing number 2 happens you need something to hold your foot in the slipper. The fourth thing I learned was that when making slipper socks it’s Not A Good Idea to start with tall socks, ankle or just-over-the-ankle socks are much easier to put on with flip flop soles glued to the bottom, and also much easier to slide over a second pair of socks when it gets cold. Add to that that the shorter socks are cooler in summer and well, it’s just a much better idea to start with ankle socks.

The fifth thing I learned is that flip flop soles make warmer slippers than the soles of the commercially sold slipper socks I got from the VA when my Dad got out of the hospital last year. Those were just thin pieces of rubber with a little tread to them and no insulation or protection from pokey things on the walkway, like acorns or gravel which makes the sixth thing I learned. And I still don’t know why they gave me a pair of slippers when Dad got out of the hospital last spring.

So, second pair I’m making for Mrs. the Poet, from a pair of her ankle socks (that she hates with a passion, I don’t know why) so that when things get chilly around Casa de El Poeta she can throw on another pair of regular socks to keep a little warmer. I think I will get lavender color flip flops to make the soles for hers because she has already said she likes the slippers but hates the neon green soles I have.

Something else I learned while checking to see if I had too much or little lift on the bad leg is that nothing from the waist down is symmetrical on me. My right tibia is about a half an inch shorter than the left one, while the left femur is about an inch shorter than the right one. Seriously, it’s a wonder I can even walk. And I figured out where I lost the length in my left leg after the wreck. The tibia was broken and not set because it didn’t displace during the wreck (or got set during the flipping and flopping) and then was held in place long enough to fuse because all the swelling acted as a splint to keep the ends from wandering away from each other. So before the wreck I was even more catty wampus than I am now, but it balanced out better. It’s no wonder my drill sergeant went bonkers watching me marching in formation. I was going every which way when I walked/marched.

And that’s what I learned from making a pair of slippers. Amazing isn’t it?

PSA, Opus