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Deliberately running late, and the Feed

I won’t be able to do a post on Saturday because I’m going directly from an early morning start on the RPG with my warlock1 to a coming out party for the people making my new bakfiets 30 miles away from the game and won’t be even in the house from 0800 or so until 2200. Throw having to eat at least once along the way and again when I get home and you can see there just isn’t any time for both a blog post and a life tomorrow, so the blog will have to suffer in the short term to not suffer in the long term. All work and no play make Opus a homicidal maniac, which has a much greater long-term effect on the blog quality. 😉

Up first is our first hit-and-run of the new year from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash I think there was a better than even chance the driver was chemically impaired when he hit the cyclist and the parked car. The wreck could possibly have been avoided with the protocols, and I’m pretty sure that Dutch-spec infrastructure would have prevented the wreck.

The LEO that hit a cyclist from behind in a CA bike lane has made himself scarce. L.A. sheriff’s deputy who hit cyclist on personal leave As the news about the wreck trickles out it just gets worse and worse for the driver of the weapon vehicle.

Final word on a UK bike fatality. Cyclist died after riding into lorry’s blind spot From the report the cyclist was in a marked bike lane to the left of the stopped truck that was signalling for a left turn (the UK equivalent of a bike lane to the right of turning traffic) which in the minds of the people adjudicating made the cyclist at fault when the truck turned across her lane. Add to that the driver of the weapon vehicle could not see the cyclist alongside the truck and you get all the ingredients for a fatal left hook (right hook for those of us driving on the right and correct side of the road). What stumps me is there is no requirement for turning vehicles to yield to vehicles proceeding straight through the lane of traffic to the turning side of the weapon vehicle.

First of several Infrastructure! articles from Jolly Olde. Boyfriend of student cyclist killed by lorry issues call for traffic light box fines for motorists It appears the major reason the victim was hit was because there were cars in the bike box that meant she had to ride in the middle of a bunch of cars instead of getting the head start the bike box was supposed to give her. Since currently there has to be a LEO standing at the corner to give a citation for this violation it has become a depressingly common and dangerous violation for the cyclists affected.

Still in the UK a hit-and-run victim requests safer roads that he will never get to use. Ex-cyclist appeals for safer roads He might eventually learn to use a hand cycle, but until then he’s being altruistic in wanting roads that are safer for cyclists.

Last UK infrastructure link shows an astonishingly high 10% prison rate for cyclist killers, compared to the <1% rate in the US. 40 cyclists killed, 4 drivers jailed: exclusive investigation reveals only one in 10 drivers are jailed after being involved in cyclist death I understand the wailing and gnashing of teeth and I agree that a 10% prison rate is terrible, I just wish we could do even that well in the US. And BTW I read the nearly 300 comments left on the article so you don’t have to as reading comprehension does not appear to be much better in the UK than it is here. many of the comments came from people not understanding the difference between the convicted drivers in the article and the majority of the wrecks where drivers are not even charged.

More infrastructure from Enn Zed. Cyclists safer on southern roads The roads in the northern parts of Enn Zed are truly vile then.

Last link what is arguably the best performing e-assist in Europe is coming to the US with a unit that rakes advantage of US laws. Bosch Sales Manager Claudia Wasko Leaves for US This is a through-the-gears system with some kind of speed sensor that limits the assisted speed to the US limit of 20 MPH.

And those are all the bicycle links I could find today.

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