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Yesterday was very long but made for a good story to write for Wreck-Free Sunday

As I intimated on Friday we had another RPG session starting early on Saturday morning. This was the beginning of a very long day for me.

As the game session began our heroes were still assessing and repairing the damages from the battle and looting the goblin campsite for better shelter, which included stuffing a Hobgoblin Yurt into Sparrow’s bag of holding so that we would have decent shelter whenever we set up camp. As soon as we could we set out after the 3 goblins that ran away from the battle when they saw hobgoblins split like kindling by our Adamantine Warforged and horizontally bisected by the Swordmage. We tracked them to the ford where scattered boulders were lapped by rushing floodwaters just as one of the goblins that ran away came back and spotted the party and wailed that we were not a figment of his imagination and we were in fact chasing him to kill him and ran back into the mob of goblinoids that were following him back to the foraging camp.

Our groups were separated by the rushing floodwaters as our party took cover from ranged weapons except for the more heavily armored of the group that stood on the bank taunting the goblins, hobgoblins and worfs (sp?) on the opposite bank trying to get them to expend their ammunition on long shots with little chance of causing damage. Sparrow set up behind a tree and took potshots with Eldritch Spear as the goblins tried to cross the boulders, making them fall into the river where we didn’t have to contend with them any more. Our Mage contributed to this by casting Grease on the middle boulder so that it couldn’t be seen before trying to cross but also could not be avoided. This also contributed to several goblins and hobgoblins trying to swim wearing various types of armor, with mixed but highly predictable results. Sparrow “assisted” with their swimming attempts with Eldritch Blast or Spear depending on range.

Eventually one or two of the stronger goblins and hobgoblins made it across the flood to engage in battle with our melee fighters as the magic users fell back away from danger, except Sparrow who continued to trade potshots with the hobgoblins on the far bank while the melee fighters kept the battle away from where he had taken cover. The real battle began when the worfs managed to get across the flood by swimming across upstream of the boulders using them as cover from Sparrow and our archer. They were strong fighters inflicting much damage and nearly breaking through our skirmish line, so our Beguiler set Blinding Fog and an illusion of the party reforming behind cover and the party retreated dragging our dead with us. We had lost Kujo, the wolf companion to our druid, but his spirit will be with us always, or until the druid can summon another wolf.

At this point we had all leveled up so the narrative took a break as we camped out sharing the Yurt, as it was made to hold 4 hobgoblins or humans and our party was somewhat larger than 4 people. Some of the party did not need shelter like the Warforged, others could spend some time in sleeping bags outside the shelter while the wounded were kept inside all night. Sparrow got a few more hit points and added Sickening Blast to his invocations, meaning he could make people sick up to 250 feet away making him a very dangerous person to get into a long-range battle with. Arrows and crossbow bolts against explosive rays bypassing armor protection that also make you sick as a dog ain’t a fair fight, but survivors seldom fight fair.

This was where I had to leave the game session to catch the train to the other party in Oak Cliff where they are making my bicycle as documented here.

frame in jig

another view of the frame on the jig

Do you see the problem? This is not the stepthrough frame I ordered, but fortunately the frame is still in the tack-weld stage of construction and can be modified with little expense of time or materials. I really like their frame jig though. Much better than mine I made from 2 by 4 lumber and drywall screws holding all-thread dummy axles. The difference is I have to make a new jig for every new style of bike I make and the jig at Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles can be switched around to build many different kinds of bikes.

And now it’s time to eat and get ready to go to evening services so I shall have to end this post here.

PSA, Opus