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Some one left the freezer door open, and the Feed

When I did yesterday’s post I neglected to report local weather conditions when I was out working on the tree. From Weather Bug the high was 30°F the low was 12 and during the time period we were out working the temperature rose from 17°F to 28. Mind you we had temperatures in the low 60s last week, so it wasn’t the actual cold that was the problem for us, it was the sudden change in temperature from balmy to deep freeze. As a kid I used to build snowmen in jeans and a T-shirt with a good warm pair of waterproof gloves, but that was after several weeks of gradually declining average temperatures that held fairly steady. Also I wasn’t living in North Central Texas at the time, which has unstable winters because of our location a couple hundred miles inland on a flat plain from a tropical sea and exposed to arctic blasts from the north. We are right on the dividing line between a sub-tropical mild winter and the “frozen tundra”. Seriously if I had the $ I would winter in Galveston because it’s (almost) always nice there. Today’s forecast is for a high of 45 but a low of 41, so cool but not the bone-achingly cold nights we are having. Corpus Christi on the other hand is delightfully warm with an expected high of 53 and a low of 48. Seriously, this is jeans and sweater weather for people who normally spend all year in shorts and flipflops. I would hate to spend the summer there though.

Drivers in Oz are entitled jerks with deadly weapons. Misunderstandings cause tension between cyclists and drivers, Amy Gillett Foundation says And in other news, the sky is blue where not obstructed by clouds, healthy grass is somewhat greenish, and sunrise will be in an easterly location tomorrow morning.

The long road back for a UK cyclist. ‘Waiting game’ for family of injured Meltham cyclist John Radford

An odd link to a restoration of a UK e-assisted “bicycle” made in 1985(!) EEVblog #501 – Sinclair C5 Electric Car Teardown & Test Drive Don’t let the designation “car” throw you, this was one of the first vehicles made to the UK e-assist standard, if not the first.

What appears to be a mobile lighting shop on a bicycle in Tokyo. A Tokyo bike with a ludicrous amount of lights

A cheap(ish) handlebar interface for a smartphone navigation app. Schwinn unveils $60 bike navigation device Two things to keep charged and not stolen, but it looks like a useful item especially for routes the rider is not familiar with.

Another strange link shows that Millenials really don’t want to drive, and how one car company is responding to that. Nissan to Millennials: If You Really Want to Get Around, Don’t Drive

A new cargo bike from Atomic Zombie. The Transporter Upright Cargo Bike I think the structural load limit is probably considerably higher than the load limit imposed by the brakes and tires… not to mention the motor.

And those were all the bicycle links I could find today. Notice that there were no wrecks in those links.

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