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OK it was cold and dry, now it’s cold and wet, and oh yeah, the Feed

I think the thing I object to the most about climate change here in N. TX is the instability it causes in the local weather. I literally have a closet full of clothes I only wear a few days a year that if I don’t have these clothes I literally can’t leave the house for those few days because weather conditions require such clothing to survive, or at the very least be somewhat comfortable. I have the super heavy coats, the long underwear, the waterproof socks, the variety of weights of long-sleeve shirts, the waterproof pants, and rain gear in several sizes to go over multiple layers of clothing without flapping in the breeze (remember that bike thing? the clothes all have to work with riding a bike). In a more stable climate I would have summer clothes and winter clothes and wear a bit of each as the weather transitions between summer and winter. But here in TX I literally have more “winter” clothing than summer in spite of the fact that “summer” here lasts nearly 10 months. The good thing about the waterproof pants is they are also windproof and make a fine top layer any time it’s either wet or extremely cold, so they get worn more frequently than other items in the closet. Ditto the waterproof socks. I find that when it gets really cold a pair of heavy socks and the waterproof socks is both the warmest and driest option I have for my feet.

I’m going to go with this first because I think it is what is most important today, even more important than individual wrecks or lifestyle articles. Two links November Deadliest Month For Cyclists, Pedestrians In Nearly Two Years and NYPD: 1,384 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 27 Killed in Traffic in November Looking at the stats we find the majority of pedestrians hit were crossing the street with the light in a crosswalk or IOW using the infrastructure as it was designed. Looking at the other stats there were nearly 35K drivers involved in nearly 18K wrecks, compared to 1700 passengers, 300 cyclists, and 1100 pedestrians, while in the killed and injured columns we have 1600 drivers, 1700 passengers, 300 cyclists, and 1100 pedestrians. In fact out of all the cyclists and pedestrians in the statistics every one was either injured enough to require an ambulance ride, or dead. Of the drivers involved (and I’m making the assumption that this number included the uninjured passengers) barely 9% were injured, and only 0.021908204623% died where 100% of the cyclists and pedestrians were injured and almost 2% are killed. Another way of putting it is you’re almost 100 times more likely to die if you’re on the outside of a wreck than the inside of it. That means that cars are just too safe for the occupants and not safe enough for the people outside the car.

A severely edited article that exists mostly behind a paywall about a hit-from-behind wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Tampa teen on bike struck, killed on Gunn Highway From what little information I could get, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More on that LEO-involved hit-from-behind in a bike lane from CA. Sheriff’s deputy involved in cyclist’s Calabasas death transfers to courts I like the comments section, the anti-LEO seriously outweighs the anti-cyclist hate.

A fatal bicycle wreck in the 49th state gets scant attention. AK Beat: Police want to interview acquaintance of dead Eagle River man The original headline was that they had identified the cyclist, but that report has been sent down to the second paragraph and deleted from the headline. Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

And if LEO in the UK were this strict about drivers that kill cyclists or pedestrians perhaps there would be fewer dead cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclist jailed for running red light at pedestrian crossing and mowing down girl, nine … then picking up bike and riding off When cyclists are faced with a similar circumstance with a driver they get told to sod off. BTW ignore the comments section, this is a Daily Mail article after all. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have prosecuted this cyclist, I’m saying I would like to see similar thoroughness and diligence when a cyclist or pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle.

A vicious wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in central Auckland crash and Auckland cyclist hit: ‘He died right in front of us’ Intersection wreck with what is supposed to be camera footage of the truck having a green light. This of course violates the first rule of the intersection protocols “Wait your turn.” The rest of them to avoid a wreck like this, and of course get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Speaking of Infrastructure! news, Enn Zed is set to try traffic cameras that are set specifically to monitor bike lanes against intrusions by motor vehicles as this seems to be a recent problem there. Cameras to watch bikers I suspect that similar rates of driver violations in wrecks with cyclists will be found here as was found in a similar study done in Oz.

And last link, a review of a bike done by a car company, what could go wrong? Smart e-bike: futuristic-looking and shiny, but how practical? The reviewer was less than impressed, to say the least.

And those are all the bicycle links I had today.

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