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Grocery day will soon be car-free again at this house, and the Feed

My new bakfiets is getting closer to reality as the new frame was modified so I can swing a leg over the top tube without having to bend my knee too far and still get a rigid enough frame to not fail under load. The top tube is roughly the same height on the seat tube as the cranks and there is a brace that runs from the bottom bracket to the intersection of the top and steer tubes. The flex in the frame has been moved from the top and bottom tubes and where they intersect with the seat and steer tubes to more the middle of the seat and steer tubes. This means more flex without binding the steering, so a little better ride and better fatigue resistance for the frame, a win-win…

Up first, I will be making a personal appearance showing the new bike at the Dallas Autorama on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

From CA we get another cyclist riding around the crossing gates and getting killed. Breaking news: Santa Fe Springs rider killed in collision with Metrolink train Why? It is so easy to avoid this, so why does it keep happening?

From WA a cyclist is hit crossing an Indian Reservation. Bicyclist struck by car, seriously hurt in Tulalip No mode or location as of the posting of this blog. Lots of stupid things in the comments. Really, asking for a $60/year tax on cyclists to use the roads?

A IA driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Iowa driver who struck, killed cyclist but thought she’d hit deer pleads guilty to traffic violation Kill a cyclist with a motor vehicle and then leave the scene, all you need to do is claim you thought the cyclist with all those lights on the bike was a deer and you get off with only a $500 fine. I had to go to my calendar but it appears from the report the cyclist was on the side of the road for over 24 hours after the wreck before his body was discovered. TANJ! Where was the hit-and-run charge?

Christmas and New Year’s were deadly on the roads of AL. Holiday driving results in 17 dead in Alabama Sixteen were killed inside cars, plus one bicyclist who wasn’t doing anything wrong except to get in front of a bad driver. Note that of the people in cars bad behavior contributed to 12 of the 16 dead (no seat belts).

A NC driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Man pleads guilty in Durham bicyclist’s hit-and-run death The driver swerved into the cyclist, slowed for a second and then hit the gas to escape. The only person legally using the roads was the guy that got killed as the driver had a revoked license for a prior DUI, but only got 12-24 months in the killing.

In the UK a cyclist is swept off a path by floodwaters. UK weather: Elderly cyclist killed after falling into floodwater Need I remind people that bicycles and floods are a bad mix?

Another link to that cyclist killed in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Auckland collision named Still the same thing, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another article on the turn signal gloves on Kickstarter. Attention Cyclists: This Pair of Gloves Has Turn Signals Built Into Them Once again these would work if drivers actually would look where they are going on the road, but since they don’t a tiny flashing arrow on the back of your palm won’t help much.

Another electric assist bike that’s more style than substance. Derringer Cycles seek funding for vintage-inspired eBike Nice bike, but it looks like pedaling will be less than optimal and that the bike will be used mostly for “styling” instead of being a first choice for transportation, but you never know.

And those were all the bicycle links I could find, much less that caused me fits. There were a few fits, but not for every link.

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