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Out running errands on a warm bright day, and the Feed

Yep we went from a subfreezing high on Monday to a mid-60s high on Saturday. I was out running errands today wearing jeans and a t-shirt (and my hi-viz road worker’s vest) and not even the slightest bit chilly. This is what climate change has brought to us here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, winters that you need a closet full of clothes for because what was appropriate one day is dangerously warm/cold 3 days later. We had similar temperatures as today at the beginning of last week as well. Is it any wonder I’m surrounded by people with coughs and sneezes?

Before I start, this was an exceptionally difficult Feed for me to filter on the emotional side of the equation, because of some of the final judicial outcomes recorded. Mrs. the Poet even threatened to throw me out of the house if I didn’t calm down and stop pacing up and down the hall from my office to the living room and back, grunting and sighing. I thought I was being rather restrained about things, really. There are no bodies in the house, and no structural damage to the house, nor even a broken window nor mirror…

I’m starting in SC with updates to a previous story. Cyclist fatally struck by fire truck identified and earlier reports that were too late to make yesterday’s Feed Bicyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck and Cyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck OK the cyclist was hit from behind. Still no word on the how and why of the cyclist getting hit from behind. When dealing with emergency vehicles moving over as far as you can is pretty much the only protocol in the book, especially when they are running “hot” with lights and siren.

One of the articles that resulted in pacing and grunting comes from CA. Probe into Santa Cruz cyclist’s death likely to take months This was the Tesla that ran head on into a cyclist riding in the bike lane on the correct side of the road.

Another article that resulted in pacing and grunting, with the frequent use of muttered profanity. Drunken driver gets prison for killing cyclist near Prosser The driver was 19 at the time of the wreck, and had a prior DUI. How in the names of all the deities of death and destruction did this guy get off with only a 2½ year sentence and not life? The cyclist was wearing an LED blinky reflective vest like I used to own and had multiple tail lights on the back of his bike, and he wasn’t even on the road! The cyclist, Jared Carr, was changing a flat tire with the back of the bike lighted up and facing traffic while stopped in the ditch. All the driver had to do to avoid this death was to stay on the road, at which he failed miserably. And people wonder why I’m so “cranky” about bicycle safety, I mean besides the fact that I ride and have been hit several times on my bike.

Back to CA for a SWCC wreck. School Board Member Involved in Injury Collision Since this was a mid-block “crossing” I can’t say for sure what happened, especially since there were no pictures of the wrecked bike. Intersection protocols if the bike was really crossing the road, or hit-from-behind if the cyclist wasn’t crossing the road.

Continuing the hopscotching across the country a driver in OH faces serious charges for killing a cyclist. Man charged in October death of cyclist appears in court This is a first for me, I believe. I do not recall ever seeing a driver charged with manslaughter for left-crossing a cyclist without a record of previous run-ins with cyclists.

Back to the other side of the country. Cyclist hit by car in Milwaukie identified, upgraded to serious condition Still no word on how many “witnesses” were not inside the weapon vehicle, nor any pictures of the wrecked bicycle. So, assuming the narrative is somewhat related to actual events, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Stating a truth in the UK. Reader’s letter: Very few people are injured by cyclists

Good people in the Jolly Olde. Torquay fall cyclist Ron Keegan, 75, wants to thank Good Samaritans Lots of good people doing the right things came together to save this man’s life.

Moving down south a long ways, we get this head on wreck in Oz. Cyclist seriously injured in car crash at Waterfall Someone was on the wrong side of the road, kinda a given in Oz, but really since this was a head on wreck one vehicle had to be on the wrong side of the road for the location. Since the article doesn’t say who was salmoning all I can say is riding with traffic if it was the cyclist, to avoid. If the driver was on the wrong side then a cyclist is up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion. Infrastructure to prevent.

More from Oz. Skimming cyclists a dangerous practice Here in the US this is a “buzz job” or a “Jerry Brown”.

Infrastructure! news in the US from Al Jazeera? The truth about bike lanes

The same thing from a different perspective, where do the kids ride? A PLACE TO RIDE

Infrastructure in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Gimenez absent on Rickenbacker cyclist safety

Same song with a different tune from”Down Undah”. Richie Porte joins campaign for greater protection of cyclists on public roads

Really want to ride a fat bike, but don’t want to fight those tires? Part two. Felt – Bosch Concept Fat-bike

How do you grow eyes in the back of your head? Students invent ‘Bike Radar’ to help prevent cyclists getting knocked down It needs some work, but that’s a good start.

And those were all the links that literally gave me fits today.

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