Daily Archives: January 12, 2014

Feeling like I got hit again on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m starting this post after 2200 Sunday because Mrs. the Poet threatened to throw all my parts bikes into the street if I didn’t do some cutting on the tree in the back yard, and then I had to leave early for evening services at church, from which I got home late and then had to eat dinner that I couldn’t eat before I left because it wasn’t finished cooking. So busy day and a long one and I’m just getting started on the post…

I’m still trying to figure out how the lab rat gig meshes with the ACA, aka Obamacare. I don’t make enough money to even consider using the exchange, and because I live in “get sick and die” TX I don’t have the option of applying for Medicare as I have more than $100 in the bank. Had Gov. Goodhair decided to allow expanding access to Medicare only my income would have been taken into account, not the pittance I have squirreled away for genuine emergencies like the combination water heater and A/C failure we suffered through this summer (nearly a $2K hit in less than 30 days). The people I have communicated with don’t know either, and they are supposedly “experts” on the subject.

Oh, that headline? I’m having neck and back “issues” from working on the tree and reading web comics on the laptop. I really need to get that huge monitor I got with my Dad’s computer hooked up so I don’t have to look down all the time to read web sites. Also I woke up the last two mornings with a pain in my left hip, I think from a hard spot in the futon mattress I sleep on. After a few years they tend to collapse and let the heavy parts fall down into the support structure, which in my case is about as forgiving as a concrete bench at the bus station. I prefer a firm sleeping surface, but there is “firm” and then there is “short length of 2 by 4 next to several other short lengths of 2 by 4”. The latter phrase is an accurate description of the futon base I’m sleeping on. When the futon is collapsed that is what I sleep on. A new futon is in the pipeline for later this year after the annuity check from my Dad’s estate comes through.

And because using this laptop is currently such a physical pain, I’m cutting this post short. Be prepared for tomorrow’s post to be late as well, because I have to go refill a prescription from the pharmacy that is a 3 hour, 4 bus trip each way. So basically I get to get up early to ride 6 hours on the bus to do one thing and then go home to do the blog post. Peachy, huh?

PSA, Opus