It never ends, late again today and late tomorrow, and the Feed

You know that trip I had to take today to pick up a prescription? There was a fustercluck getting the ‘scrip renewed and I had to leave before it was completed. I left the house at 0855 and did not return until 1855, and I still did not have the thing I made this arduous pilgrimage to get… So I wash, rinse and repeat. At least this time I can afford to buy a better lunch than I had today.

A link I got from one of you about the ridiculously low bail set for a killer driver in OH. Ex-wife of bicyclist killed in Canton hit-and-run asks for support at hearing on Friday, says $7,500 bail too lenient Unfortunately I didn’t get this link until nearly 3 weeks after the fact so none of you can attend the hearing. The narrative is a hit-from-behind wreck that knocked the cyclist completely off the road and into a field where he wasn’t found until people went looking for him. That speaks to me of a very violent wreck which was probably unavoidable by any human cyclist (and most of the inhuman ones, too). So then that leaves it to getting the infrastructure right to prevent the drunk from making contact with the cyclist. Included in that infrastructure is the removal and storage of motor vehicles owned by or available to drivers convicted of impaired driving until their driving bans are completed. If the ban is lifetime then sell or recycle the vehicle(s).

A more recent link to a cyclist killed in the 49th state. Memorial held for cyclist who died in collision The comments were good on this link…

Lots of links to this story about a cyclist hit by a semi in the Great White North. Cyclist in serious condition and Cyclist Injured In Transport Truck Crash also Teen cyclist seriously hurt in Lambton County crash Not much information, just that the driver of the semi was charged for having defective brakes, and somehow managed to not get injured running 40 tons of steel and rubber into an 18YO cyclist. The actual mode and location of the wreck are still being held close to LEOs’ chests for some reason.

A young cyclist died in that tiny country off the east coast of Florida. Ten-year-old pedal cyclist killed Bermuda seems to have media laws based on the UK model, so nearly no information about this wreck until somebody gets charged? From what we do have the cyclist ran into a pole next to a sidewalk, with what part(s) of her body we don’t know. But people making comments were quick to blame not having a helmet in spite of that not being mentioned or possibly even a pertinent fact.

A deceased Irish cyclist was a minor celebrity. Limerick cyclist killed was ‘Honda 50 man’

The cyclist swept off the path by floodwaters is named. Cyclist killed in floods is named We have a campaign in TX to prevent deaths in flash floods, which kill people in everything from Smart cars to Semis, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. Seems to apply to bicycles as well.

That driver who blamed a cyclist for his hitting 3 people and a bus while driving the wrong way on a one-way street is found guilty and fined. BMW driver who blamed cyclist for crash after hitting rider, 2 pedestrians, and a bus fined £300 and disqualified for six months That’s $491.67 in real money (or €359.77 in real money depending on your point of view). And a 6 month ban on driving but nobody took his keys to that ultimate deadly weapon driving machine.

Hit-and-run is not restricted to Anglophone nations. Cyclist killed in hit and run Another hit-from-behind wreck that put the cyclist’s body in a field off the road where it wasn’t found until searched for.

A cyclist in Oz gets a little compensation (and national news) for his wreck. $315,000 payout for cyclist hit by ute

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Call for national law on overtaking distance as cyclist deaths double This is their version of the 3-feet law in SI units.

And those wee all the links about bicycles that gave me fits.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

4 responses to “It never ends, late again today and late tomorrow, and the Feed

  1. A quick follow-up to yesterday’s note: The “Canton hit-and-run” death occurred in Canton NY, NOT Canton OH. (Canton NY was Frederic Remington’s birthplace; it’s now home to St. Lawrence University.)

    The other two links refer to a different incident altogether, involving a newspaper deliveryman who was maimed by an unknown hit-and-run driver while cycling in Watertown NY (Fort Drum is located just outside the city). In itself it’s a familiar story, right down the lack of interest shown by the local cops. But the reaction of the Watertown mayor is refreshingly candid: In responding to a question about the dangers of winter cycling, he suggested that any CYCLIST who ventured out onto the public highways in winter should be summarily arrested, since they are creating a “clear and present danger” to both themselves and motorists.

    It’s good to know that our elected officials have cyclists’ welfare at heart, isn’t it?



    • As the “clear and present danger” is motor vehicles rather than cyclists, how are cyclists a danger to people in semi-armored vehicles?

      Hello Choir? I’m here to preach at you again…


  2. A follow-up to my earlier follow-up. It seems that the driver who maimed the Watertown NY cyclist is NOT unknown. Nor is this a case of hit-and-run, since Jason W. Carr returned to the scene “after noticing his 2008 Dodge pickup truck was damaged.” (Perhaps he was hoping to receive compensation from the injured cyclist. Who knows?)

    Anyway, you’ll find the details at , including the heartening news that while Watertown Police Detective Sgt. Joseph R. Donoghue “feels bad” about what happened to Damien M. LaBarge (Carr’s victim), he thinks “bicyclists ‘should not be in the road.'” After all, it’s a well-established fact that “cyclists … can cause traffic accidents involving two oncoming vehicles.”

    Just whom do the Watertown NY cops “protect and serve,” I wonder? Not the cyclist, certainly.


  3. I am a cyclist. I am a SAFE cyclist. And I happen to know the REAL story of the accident that involved Jason Carr and Damian LaBarge. Damien LaBarge is handicapped (so we’ve been told), and delivers newspapers locally, and has, on more than one occasion, been told by police to go home due to the fact that he was riding during inclement weather, unsafely (no reflection…mind you, in the photo op, he’s wearing a very nice reflective vest). That happened to be the case the night of this incident. It was during a horrible storm, long after dark…and he wasn’t visible. The damage to the truck reflects the fact that he was side swiped …and Jason thought it was ice coming from from his wheel well (a common occurrence here in the North Country…and wintry locations all over). Upon further inspection (minutes later) it was clear that he had hit someone, and he immediately went back to the location to find that Damian LaBarge had already been removed from the scene. From there, Jason went to the police station to turn himself in. A hit and run was never his intention, and he felt absolutely horrible for the incident.
    I am a cyclist, as I said before…but I also would expect to be hit if I’m riding on the road, during a storm, without reflective gear at night…I would not blame the driver. I would blame myself. Roads WERE BUILT for vehicles of the motor kind…and I am very appreciative of the respect that most pay me when I’m riding my bike. I have, on more than one occasion, come very close to being hit. It’s the risk I take for a sport I love. Please learn the truth before you judge other people…your opinion matters, if it’s factual and not assumed. Thanks.


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