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Really unhappy now, but early post, and the Feed

Yes, I’m getting an early start comparatively to yesterday especially. The reason is today’s trip had one connection that did not have much latitude for error or a connection would be missed and chaos would ensue (or a propagating delay until the next bus that would throw the entire trip off). Fortunately this connection was very early in the trip at the Downtown Garland Station so if I missed it I could just return home, but as it turns out I never even got there. The bus to Downtown Garland was supposed to arrive at my stop at 1043, so I left Casa de El Poeta early so as to not miss it and got within sight of the stop at 1036. After crossing the street I proceeded to wait for the bus, and wait, and wait, and wait. By 1053 I had already missed my 1100 transfer I was supposed to catch at Downtown Garland Station as the stop is more than 7 minutes away from the station by motor vehicles that don’t pick up people from the side of the road. And here I am, typing on the laptop.

Up first is a link to a video shot a few miles (something like 40 or 50, just a quick jaunt by TX standards) to the west of the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Watch A BMX Biker Perform A Crazy Stunt Atop Fort Worth’s 7th Street Bridge I saw this on the news last night and sure enough when I went to my TX source for strange news items it was a featured story. And do NOT try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter, unless you are a trained BMX or trials rider.

Another TX cyclist is hit “crossing” the street. Longview bicyclist hit, killed by van Still no word on how many “witnesses” were not in the weapon vehicle. OK going with the narrative as presented, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From PA, another demonstration of drivers getting away with attempted murder. Carlisle man charged with striking person with car twice I know what you’re thinking, “He GOT charged!” but look at what he got charged with: “aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, harassment, DUI, accidents involving personal injury and reckless driving after the incident.” Notice anything missing? like assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder? And he left the scene so why wasn’t hit-and-run added to the laundry list of charges? The victim was pinned between the weapon vehicle and the wall of a building for crying out loud.

An Upstate NY mayor and police force blame victims for not being in cars. Watertown Mayor Jeffrey Graham defends cyclist comments following Sunday crash Note the number of charges pending against the drivers in these wrecks, that are somehow the cyclist’s fault for being there. Also note the other example given of a head on wreck because somebody had to pass a cyclist, which is one of the textbook definitions of “unsafe pass”. And some people say cyclists have an entitled attitude.

From CA a little more jurisprudence. Man Who Hit Cyclist Pleads Not Guilty I really don’t see any defense on this one, the cyclist was collateral damage in a road rage incident the driver admits to committing. How then can he be “not guilty”? The cyclist didn’t do anything wrong by being in the marked bike lane when hit, the fault was entirely on the idiots fighting over who would be in front after the lane merge.

More jurisprudence in the final outcomes of two bicycle wrecks in AZ. The first. DRIVER WHO HIT PRO CYCLISTS GETS 7 DAYS IN JAILAccording to a court document Kinkade said he heard a thump on his car and saw the cyclists on the ground in his rearview mirror, but didn’t think they were seriously hurt so he didn’t stop.” So I guess he thought the judge was as stupid as the driver was. His other defense statements were equally laughable “,In one court document, Kinkade and his attorney argued the cyclists were riding outside the shoulder and more than two abreast when he struck the cyclists.” Cyclists are entitled to ride outside the shoulder and are only supposed to be on the shoulder when safe to do so, otherwise in the road, and riders are allowed to go more than two up when passing.

Second link. DRIVER SENTENCED TO 15 YEARS FOR DUI CRASH THAT KILLED SUNTRAN DRIVER This was the DUI hit-and-run that killed the bus driver riding to work last year. At least in this case the punishment fit the crime. More Driver gets 15 years for fatal DUI accident

A Kiwi cyclist says he didn’t hit and run a 12YO, he was hurt worse than the other cyclist. Cyclist denies ‘hit and run’ claim So two injured cyclists with damaged bikes, the kid’s bike damaged more than the adult’s but the adult injured worse than the kid, and neither one thinking straight after banging heads with the ground. Usually at this point I would point out how the wreck could have been prevented but as it was on the bike path rather than on a street all I can say is there really needed to be more room to maneuver on that bike path.

Infrastructure! news from just down the road in Austin. In Austin, a Protected Bike Lane Built to Help Kids Get to School Looks good, and adding how to use the lane to physical education in school will help even more.

Infrastructure from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Andy Gardiner: Coast-to-Coast Connector Picking Up Speed Looking at existing city-to city bike infrastructure it’s no surprise to find it’s heavily used as transportation between those cities because riding highways in FL is an exercise in stress management. I hope this connecting chunk gets as much or more use.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Is it a wide bike lane? Is it a parking bay? Confusion reigns in Loughborough

More infrastructure news from Jolly Olde. 3 more crazy laws we should introduce for cyclists

And after diligent searching those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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