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Full Moon tonight, crazy to follow, and the Feed

There is a reason there is the word “lunatic”. People get a little crazy at night when they can walk under the full moon. Not so much now because of all the artificial lighting we have, especially in cities, but the effect is still noticeable. And tonight we are having a Full Moon circle with no script beyond welcoming in a new lunation deity. And on Sunday we will have our final evening service until Summer as the people awake during the day outnumber the people that can only come to church at night. We don’t have the support staff to do two services, but it is thought that perhaps we will keep Adult Religious Education classes going for the Night People. The person we started the evening services for because she worked during the day on Sunday had her Sunday hours extended so she can’t even make a 1930 start time, her store closes at 2000 on Sunday now. Also much of the rest of the congregation has changed their work hours as well with many no longer having Sundays free for either service. So now Mrs. the Poet will get to go to Sunday services again. And I will probably have to drop Wreck-Free Sunday posts because of attending Sunday morning services and teaching Adult R.E. at night.

Another link to a hit-and-run in Houston. [$Deity] I’m getting so tired of links to hit-and-runs. Cyclist killed in hit and run crash It appears the cyclist was either riding to or from a nearby bike path along a bayou, but because the cyclist and bike were found so far away from the scene direction of travel and point of impact are impossible to determine.

A little closer, learning to use new infrastructure is sometimes hard. Who’s Legal In Austin Bike Lanes? Part of the problem is a lack of paved pedestrian spaces where you don’t have to walk through the mud and an antiquated law that requires walking through the mud if that’s all there is. Yep TX laws still say that strip of dirt between the edge of the road and the edge of the right of way is a “sidewalk” and you have to walk in it.

And speaking of people using the wrong infrastructure, a drunk in MI tried the bike path in his car. Drunken motorist busted driving on bike path Some people think if it’s paved then it’s car territory. Especially when they are drunk.

Moving to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, when they can’t get you on the road they go after you on the bike path, part 2. Riders encounter carpet tacks along Tampa bike trails This would be an act of terrorism had it been on anything but a bike path.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Banning bikes not the road to a solution in Key Biscayne A wise person indeed to recognize the elephant in the room, people on bicycles are getting injured and dying because of other people driving irresponsibly, not because they are riding on bicycles which makes it “their fault”.

Still in the most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike a texting driver takes out a tree. Texting and Driving Crash Caught on Camera Think about the bike lane and sidewalk the driver crossed before hitting the tree. Just sayin’.

Still more on the death of a socially-promenant cyclist under the wheels of a SoCal LEO. Probe into former Napster exec fatally hit by sheriff’s car continues Things continue to percolate along but the pace of the investigation and the lack of dash camera footage is really getting the conspiracy theory crowd worked up hard. And I’m somewhat doubtful about the cruiser not having a dash cam myself…

Because infrastructure seems to be the theme of the Feed today, still in CA we have a major city giving at least some lip service to the idea that cars can be used without killing people. Imagine No Deaths: Supes, Safe Streets Advocates Call for “Vision Zero” I will reserve judgement on this one until I see plans of action for implementation.

Still in CA this one gave me giggles. Thief Sells Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Original Owner Enacts Revenge Instead of going to get the guy himself he sent an undercover cop to bust the guy.

NY cyclists ask for a pittance to make roads safer for everyone. Bicyclists to Cuomo: $20 million for pedestrian and bicycling projects Unless that $20 M is a recurring annual item not much will get built, again just sayin’.

A NYC traffic victim takes an awfully long time to die from his injuries. East Village Flower Stand Employee Killed By Driver On PCP & Meth The wreck was last June, the death was this month.

This one is really hard for me. For One Reckless Driving Survivor, “Life Looks a Lot Different Than Before” That could have been my life had things gone just a tiny bit worse. And I mean just a tiny bit worse, as in fractions of a millimeter worse.

A UK television “star” illegally takes a picture of a cyclist riding legally and complains about the cyclist. HooRaw ensues. “Point-making” rider hits back at Jeremy Clarkson

And still in Jolly Olde a cyclist feels… unappreciated. Cyclist: Drivers are out to kill me! There is a statement about never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but I’m not sure it can be applied to this case.

More mayhem from Jolly Olde. Driver accused of causing the death of cyclist The driver t-boned the cyclist while one of them was crossing a street on a roundabout. Still trying to figure this one out. It appears the cyclist was on the side street when he was hit which meant he had the ROW.

From the Emerald Isle comes a report of prosecution not just dropping the ball but forgetting to even bring a ball to the court. Lorry driver ‘not guilty’ of causing death of cyclist in south Belfast How the Hell do you prosecute someone without even bringing any evidence to the court? This is beyond an outrage, this requires a head on a pike if not several heads.

A cyclist is killed in Oz. NSW cyclist dies following crash Unless the cyclist was hit on a one lane road somebody was on the wrong side of the road here. Since they’re not blaming the cyclist that only leaves one other party in the wreck.

I keep saying drivers are blind, here’s more proof. Serafin Dillon: There’s a reason we really do not see cyclists I’m 5’8″ and normally about 200 pounds and even with hi-viz on I still get people almost hitting me because they “can’t see” me. I should also mention that I get up to a 48″ chest measurement in winter, so I’m no tiny thing. Peruse the archives to see me in my hi-viz at a bike-to-work day in Garland last year.

Last link, next time you want to talk about your “epic ride” think about this really epic ride. Adventurer tells of bitter conditions to claim record for cycling across the South Pole Yep this woman rode from the coast to the Pole, on a tadpole trike, in -40° temperatures with 100 mph winds. Unless you were riding in Death Valley or across the Sahara you have nothing to say. And I will shut up about riding in 145°F temperatures over fresh blacktop from several years ago.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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