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Wondering where I put the brain bleach, and the Feed

Trigger Warning! Filtering the Feed today was traumatic, especially as I have ridden in some of the wreck locations. and experienced some of the things that happened to the people. Let’s just say that this was not the easiest filtering session I have been through, ‘K?

Since I warned you about it I’m going to link the trigger story first, so if you like you can read past this next paragraph.

What do you do when you report an assault, and LEO turn around and not just blame you but threaten to bring charges for reporting the assault? Cook: As terrifying as riding a bike and From Victim to Villain in a flash There is just so much wrong with this story, and I don’t mean the “factually incorrect” kind of wrong, either. The victim had video and photographic evidence of the crime posted to help identify the perps, but nobody seemed interested in punishing the people that attacked him after the parents contacted local LEO.

The first wreck is from down the road a ways from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Bicyclist struck, killed by truck in Panola County To recap, the cyclist was JRA MYOB when the driver had a medical emergency and went off the road through the cyclist’s location. Not avoidable by human cyclists, and if the infrastructure is not of the “barrier protected” variety infrastructure would not be of much use either. Cyclist is dead, the driver is currently listed as “could be better”.

Sort of good news from SoCal as a hit-and-run driver gets caught. Good news and bad news: LAPD makes hit-and-run arrest; bike rider killed in Compton and LAPD makes arrest in Panorama City bicyclist’s hit-and-run death I sincerely hope the perp gets every day of sentence that is coming to him.

More on the trial of a killer driver in Jolly Olde. Cyclist death driver was going ‘way too fast’ says witness So the driver apparently was going too fast for the cyclist to get out of his way or for the driver to see and avoid the cyclist. That leaves only Dutch-quality infrastructure as a means of preventing this death.

Update on a dead cyclist in Oz reveals the cyclist was the one that crossed the centerline. Grieving father urges cyclists to take care after businesswoman Casey Kinnaird killed in accident The cyclist was going too fast and drifted over the lane marker on a turn hitting the other vehicle head on. To avoid moderate your speed on downhill runs to what you can keep between the lines, and hope the drivers are doing the same coming up the hill.

Update on a court case in Enn Zed. Cyclist forgives his attacker I don’t see it so much as forgiving as accepting that his life has been changed and no amount of beating on the other guy will change it back…

OK that is all the dead and maimed cyclists. Now we have a metric buttload (that’s 2.2 SAE buttloads) of infrastructure links to share.

First of the infrastructure links is another from NY about spending on bike and pedestrian infrastructure. We had a link earlier in the week to a proposal to spend $20M on that infrastructure and noted at the time that wouldn’t get much done and we were right. NY State Allocates $67 Million For Bike & Pedestrian Paths Still not enough but this is only a single year allocation of many to come.

More from NYC this time. De Blasio Orders Immediate Changes To Address “Epidemic” Of Pedestrian Deaths I have a suggestion: When someone gets killed suspect criminality until proven otherwise. IOW, be looking for criminal behavior when investigating a fatal wreck.

Infrastructure news from NC. Opposition Grows Against “Traffic Calming”, Road Diets, and Bicycle Lanes on East Innes and Long Streets Notice the infantilisation of the road design by replacing the engineering diagram of the street with a child-like drawing in what appears to be crayon. After reading other posts from the blog I’m not entirely sure that this was not satire…

But just in case the previous link was NOT satire, here’s a rebuttal complete with statistics and sources. Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business

Dealing with the built infrastructure in AZ. PHOTO & VIDEO: GETTING PASSED BY THE STREETCAR ON 4TH

A mixture of infrastructure and advocacy from Jolly Olde. Stop Killing Cyclists – the birth of a movement

And last link is to another review of the Smart e-assist bike. Smart Introduces a New One-Seater in Detroit

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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