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I finally got the errand I tried to run on Monday and Tuesday finished, and the Feed

Things did not look good this morning when I went to run the errand I have been trying to get done all week long. I was watching the bus stop as soon as I could see it and saw the bus go by 11 minutes early, somewhat destroying the 5 minute leeway that DART suggests to riders who don’t want to miss the bus. I wouldn’t even have seen the bus except I left a few minutes early because of missing the bus Tuesday. Fortunately I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be tonight unlike Tuesday so I waited for the next schedule and got my transfer an hour later than planned. I stopped for an Angry Whopper meal at the BK next to the bus stop where I caught my next bus (did I mention this was an Epic Bus Ride?) and got my business done in record time and caught the same bus on the return trip. The routing for the return trip was not the same as I came but reversed, I was supposed to take the train instead of the bus as the train would have switched to rush hour frequency and gotten me home sooner. Unfortunately the bus was delayed by a greater than normal number of people that needed to use the lift to get on and off the bus, so I was watching the train pull out from the station as the bus was pulling in. Because of that I missed my connection Downtown and missed again when I got back to the Beautiful suburbs of Hell, so I ended up getting home a little before 1800 tonight. So 5 bus rides, 2 trains, and a lot of waiting later I got home with the stuff I was supposed to get Monday. Epic.

More on that Houston hit-and-run. Another hit-and-run death has cyclists wondering if they’re safe on Houston streets The body was discovered by guys fishing the next day after he was hit the night before.

A new wreck in NM. Bicyclist struck by truck in Alamogordo This appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck on a frontage road. I have a serious dislike for frontage roads as they are frequently the only access for anything that can’t use the adjoining highway, and they get treated like an extension of the highway by people driving on them no matter what the posted speed limit is. I have watched people do 60 MPH in a posted 30 zone while I was riding with them in the car, as an example. The second problem is that usually in order to get around the highway the frontage road is fronting you have to use the frontage road for at least part of the trip, which means riding with people who think the frontage road is part of the high-speed highway… Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A deliberately blind driver who was watching the soybeans grow instead of watching the toad in front of him gets a ticket for killing the cyclist he ran over. Man ticketed for killing bicyclist 3 months ago The report is so suffused with windshield bias and car-head entitlement I could barely keep my dinner down with lines like “(the cyclist) was in (the driver’s) lane.” No the cyclist was in her lane and the driver ran her over, because he was more interested in soybeans than he was in what was in the road in front of him. TANJ!

I keep saying that just because you don’t have lights and a glow-in-the-dark clown suit on that doesn’t mean drivers should get a free pass to hit you on your bike, and someone else agrees. Bicycle Fatality: Cyclist Not To Blame This was the FL hit-from-behind where I asked if the weapon vehicle had headlights. So at least one other person in the world knows about the basic speed law. “No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing or under the conditions and having regard to actual and potential hazards. Tran. Code §545.351(a) & (b)” That’s the law here in TX complete with VC citation.

An injured IL cyclist gets some civil justice when the person initially accused of hitting her brings video to the case. Video Identifies Cause of Crash That Injured Bicyclist On Milwaukee Avenue It seems that someone could also be charged with interfering with a police investigation as well, which is a serious felony.

Same city is much hand-wringing about people riding bicycles in the street without helmets! >swoon< Divvy Bike Accidents A Growing Threat I’m not sure what a bike share bike is a threat to, but it MUST be a threat to something. People are having fun and getting cheap transportation, quick, do something…

Moving out west to CA a woman on a bicycle and a person on a motorcycle had a meeting of the minds when they misjudged speeds. FRENCH VALLEY: Bicyclist injured in collision with motorcycle (UPDATED) The cyclist was getting ready for a left turn and did not allow the motorcycle enough space. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

Still in CA a 70 YO cyclist ran a red light? Really? Vehicle Fatally Strikes 70-Year-Old Cyclist IF this is as reported then intersection protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent. Since there were no pictures of the wrecked bicycle posted to the web I have no idea if this is accurate, but it didn’t pass the smell test the first time I read it and it still stinks.

Another driver gets a gentle caress to the wrist from Jolly Olde. Suspended sentence for driver after cyclist killed TANJ!

He probably won’t. Lorry driver could be jailed after admitting causing cyclist’s death

A little Infrastructure! news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclists want Miami-Dade mayor to see dangers on Bear Cut Bridge Two words about drivers driving in the bike lanes Solid Bollards. Install 4″ dia 0.5″ wall steel tubing filled with concrete about 5 feet apart set a couple of feet into the road surface and welded to the rebar in Portland concrete surfaced roads, and cars will stop driving in the bike lane. I admit picking up the pieces from cars that try driving in the bike lane will be time consuming at first, but if the messes are sufficiently publicized on the news and in internet videos (“Wrecked car swept into small garbage bags after crossing into bike lane” would be a good headline) the problem will eventually go away.

National infrastructure news. Secretary Foxx Pledges to Make Bike/Ped Safety a Priority I think the traditional response to statements like this is “I’m from Missouri,” or “show me.”

A big problem with bike/ped infrastructure and safety is antipathy from the car-heads. Park Slope Woman Decides Family Of Slain Boy Has “Mourned Enough,” Tries To Take Down Memorial

PSA on motor vehicle danger. Cars don’t kill people, irresponsible drivers do

And last link sometimes you need to get off that bike. Wheels of Truth

And those were all the links that gave me fits after I got home.

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