Well things aren’t TOO bad, and the Feed

The Feed was rather light this morning and not too gory or depressing. I finally got the picture of Mrs. the Poet sitting on the remains of a branch I cut off the tree transferred from my phone to my hard drive and from there to the media library of the blog and on to yesterday’s and today’s posts.

Since most of you won’t see the picture I put on yesterday’s post this morning, here it is again:

Mrs. the Poet sitting on a branch

As you can see, that’s a pretty big hunk of tree sitting there under Mrs. the Poet. One of the reasons I didn’t want to cut it into firewood is the chain on the chainsaw is dulled from all the cutting I have been doing lately, live oak being a particularly tough wood to cut, and the dull cutting tool is causing problems with dragging and kicking back when I’m cutting. This in turn causes me to get tired a lot faster than just holding and guiding the saw as it normally cuts, leaving me breathing hard and with burning forearms after every big cut. So this is either going to be a bench, or I have to get the chain sharpened before I continue.

Up first is the most complete report I have gotten about the driver who drove around with the cyclist he just hit sticking through his windshield. CYCLIST: DRIVER DIDN’T SEE ME STUCK IN WINDSHIELD That’s right, the victim in this wreck and hit-and-run claims the driver acted like he wasn’t even there until he, the cyclist, spoke up about the wreck. We are talking a seriously blind driver on this one. I’m thinking that a lifetime ban on driving after he gets out of jail should be the first thing on the agenda. Confiscation and destruction of any motor vehicles at his disposal should rank right up there as well. I think perhaps hanging, drawing, and quartering is a bit over-the-top seeing as the victim will probably only have minor psychological damage as the most lasting damages from this experience.

From Jolly Olde the not-so-jolly reminder that a motor vehicle does not have to make full contact with a cyclist to kill. Southampton crash cyclist ‘fatally injured by wing mirror’ For those of us who live in the DFW area this wreck brings to mind the cyclist who was the original reason for the Ride of Silence. Anyway hit-from-behind protocols to avoid becoming a statistic from one of these wrecks, and get the infrastructure right to prevent one.

From Oz, drivers and cyclists need to be on guard against cyclists getting hit. Police urge Wyndham drivers and cyclists to take more care after a jump in the number of cyclists hit by cars OK two interesting statements here: “in 70 per cent of the collisions in 2013 the driver of the car was at fault for failing to give way or moving onto the cyclist” and “In the other 30 per cent the rider was riding in the wrong direction on the road or disobeyed the traffic signal.” So the majority of the cases were cyclists riding with the flow of traffic and obeying traffic controls, so cyclists need to be careful of drivers, not they need to have greater enforcement against bad driving… and the place where you need to be the most vigilant is…”75 per cent of the crashes occurred at intersections at low-risk times, during daylight hours in clear conditions

Moving to Enn Zed a cyclist fights back in the only legal way he can after getting hit. Injured cyclist to film dangerous drivers If you can’t shoot them with a gun, use a camera instead.

If you can’t blame them with the truth make stuff up? A new police commissioner, some dodgy statistics – and an open letter from me The captions to the pictures is strong at odds to the tone of the letter.

Last link is about a revival of what used to be commonplace in this country. Birth of an American Cargo Bike: an excerpt from the upcoming documentary This is not the company that is doing my new bike, but an older company that many of you are already familiar with.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


One response to “Well things aren’t TOO bad, and the Feed

  1. Thanks for the mention of the Invisible Visible Man.

    I use the picture captions on the blog to add some extra humor to subject matter that can be rather depressing. With this post, the tone was particularly different for a simple reason. I have actually sent the letter I posted to the new commissioner of the NYPD, so the tone had, for once, to be entirely serious. I put in the pictures – and the captions – to make the whole thing read rather differently for my audience, who will read the letter in a rather different light from the police commissioner.

    All the best,



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