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Need to get the post out so I can go to meditation class tonight, and the Feed

For those who read the headlines I post on the blog, yes I really do meditate on a regular basis, usually daily. Some days I need it more than others, and the more I need it the harder it is for me to do, so regular classes to keep my meditation muscles strong. And before any one makes a comment, I know meditation does not require “muscles”, “muscles” is a metaphor for the ability to meditate easily. Usually this time of year isn’t too bad as the wrecks are mainly from the antipodes and have fewer details than the reports from this country. But there has been lots of coverage of the cyclist who got stuck in the windshield of the car in WI that has combined with other reports from earlier to make things not good for me emotionally. So back to meditation class for a refresher on getting Zen.

Up first I want to go back to Hawa’ii because it was a beautiful place to live, and back when I lived there (LBJ’s first term) it was also a nice place to ride a bike as a kid. Bicyclist killed in weekend traffic accident and Cyclist struck, killed by truck identified Hit-from-behind as the cyclist caught a pedal on the curb trying to avoid the truck. At this point it is unsure if the cyclist would have had the same problems without alcohol, but anyway, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent and that means either no passing cyclists on those narrow bridges (which will mean slowing down for maybe 3 seconds) or putting bike lanes on the outside of the guard rails in each direction. I know which will cost less to implement, but not which one is more likely.

A SWSS in GA. Cyclist killed in bus accident Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I would like to see the recordings from the forward-facing camera on the bus to see what really happened.

More on the cyclist killed by a train in CA. Teen cyclist killed by VTA train was en route to singing performance Remember to avoid a wreck like this stay off train tracks. That is especially true when there is a train coming.

Something that would get a cyclist tasered and thrown in jail in NYC. Video: Maverick NYC Cab Driver Drives On Sidewalk During Blizzard Pedestrians killed by cyclists in NYC since 2009, 0. Pedestrians killed in NYC by people driving since the start of the year 3411. But it’s “those cyclists” that get the tickets, yep.

And “those jaywalkers”, too. 84-Year-Old Jaywalker Could Get Jail While Deadly Drivers Get Off Scot-Free

More on a UK cyclist death by Buzz Job. Killed cyclist’s helmet “smashed to bits” by slow moving van, court hears If the helmet was “smashed to bits” then how can the van have been “slow moving”?

A little Infrastructure! news from CA. Gatto fires the next round in the battle against hit-and-run; hit-and-run victim Damian Kevitt to finish his ride in April The battle is still to make hit-and-run as bad or worse than hanging around with a DUI. I suggest making hit-and-run after drinking have the included offense of destruction of evidence.

A little more infrastructure-ish from CA. City CarShare to launch pilot electric bike share program For those days when you don’t need a car, but really don’t want to walk or pedal, either.

Infrastructure from Enn Zed. Cyclists get road to themselves If I’m reading this correctly, the road was too dangerous to share and the nearby bike path was completely blocked by construction so the road was closed to motor vehicles? Rad!

A little Lifestyle from FL. Show Commemorates Dead Cyclists With Reconstructed Bikes

I don’t know how to classify this link except “not a wreck”. Organic Transit plans Portland test drive event for solar/pedal-powered trike I think a better classification of this type of vehicle is “partially enclosed cargo trike”.

A little lifestyle from Brazil. Respect for the Cargo Bike Riders of Rio For those who are metric system-impaired “over 200 kg” is “about 500 pounds”.

And those were all the links about bicycles I could find today that I didn’t already put up earlier.

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