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Been very busy, and the Feed

I’m getting started on this post way late. I went to get my toes done because I can’t get to some of the toes on my left foot because of the nerve damage so I have to get someone else to cut my toenails. The cheapest way to do this is to get a pedicure from the local nail spa. I get a “normal” pedi’ minus polish (so far) including the “Baby Foot Peel” and getting all my calluses buffed down (which tickles like you would not believe) and the foot and leg massage. The only problem I have is the edges of the nails are trimmed to prevent ingrown toenails and my toes are sore for a couple of days. Other effects are the rest of the foot feels wonderful to the touch for about a week because of the peel, and of course the leg feels much better for a couple of hours after the massage.

Up first was a difficult decision today but I think this deserves the lead paragraph. Update: Driver faces charge for August death of Debra Deem in Newport Beach and Charges filed against driver in bicyclist death Oopsie! You’re dead! And somehow that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There really needs to be something criminal that drivers who kill can be charged with when they kill because they violated a traffic law, but otherwise did not deliberately kill people.

Same state but more recent wreck. 78-year old Glendora bike rider dies after being taken off life support Left cross, intersection protocols mooted by no reaction time because of the geometry of the wreck, but infrastructure will prevent left crosses.

Still more on the death of a high-profile cyclist at the wheels of a LEO in CA. District Attorney’s Office To Review Deputy-Involved Crash That Killed Cyclist, Milton Everett Olin Jr. Nothing new in this article except being posted by a national news outlet.

More on another CA wreck. Cyclist Involved in Fatal Crash is Identified Still nothing on what happened, yet. LEO is sitting tight on this one.

From the former long-time champ at killing cyclists and pedestrians, the family of a DUI victim exercises their prerogative of suing the vendor that over-served the DUI driver. Family of Cyclist Killed Files Suit Against City of Lakeland

More on a NYC wreck. Bicyclist Killed by a Bus Rose Above Usual Anonymity of Deliverymen in the City The narrative is the cyclist was totally not at fault in this one as the bus driver pulled into the cyclist after he got past the bus. Not an avoidable wreck for the cyclist, Dutch quality infrastructure to prevent.

A cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Vernon cyclist injured in collision Classic SWSS narrative made worse by the ninja cyclist. The lack of visibility probably made it look like the cyclist rode into the car instead of being a gutter bunny getting buzzed. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent.

Another unavoidable wreck, this time in Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured after moped riders grab him and pull him down on Scunthorpe road This was no “accident”, this was a deliberate assault on a cyclist. Infrastructure would still prevent this assuming mopeds are not allowed to use it.

A wreck without witnesses is ruled to be a single-vehicle wreck. Cyclist’s death on ride ruled a tragic accident

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Mother of killed cyclist says motorists should be retested before getting licence back

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclists hope petition will go the distance

And those were all the links that gave me fits or otherwise. I have been watching the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona both on cable and on the computer, which has been fun except for the really bad wreck that happened just before I turned the TV on that sent 2 drivers to hospital.

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