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Oh my Gawd it HURTS! and the Feed

Remember that throwaway bit in yesterday’s post about the blood in my underwear? I can barely get from the office to the coffeepot now because of the pain “down there”. A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes, and I’m offering the chance for you to be a wise person. Don’t make the mistake I made about riding a bike that doesn’t fit properly. The handlebars would have been fine with a different saddle and wearing bike shorts, but not for a cruiser saddle and regular clothes. Seriously, this is painful, and I’m telling you as a guy that has pulled more than one of his own teeth without anesthesia. I don’t have any infection yet, but this is not good. So, yeah, friends don’t let friends ride a bike that doesn’t fit without bike shorts. Seriously, don’t do it.

And also don’t expect to see any pictures of this. Number one I can’t get a camera pointed at the spot without someone else doing the pointing, and two you guys can’t afford my fees for that kind of service. That would involve a picture of all the goods…

Up first is another CO hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Windsor Narrative points to hit-from-behind, so protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And if you can’t squeeze Dutch-style infrastructure in and this has to be shared space, then make fatal hit-and-run similar to a drive-by shooting.

I thought this wreck was in the UK when I first filtered it. Police: Aberdeen cyclist dies of injuries suffered in crash with SUV; man hit from behind Well, with an 84 YO driver I can’t say for sure if we are dealing with an actual blind driver or just a driver that could not physically react to the sight of a cyclist in front of them until too late to avoid the collision. Anyway, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another link local to BikingInLA. Another drunken hit-and-run, another bike rider left to die in the street One the one hand this is why I’m glad there isn’t a more robust cycling culture here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, because I don’t have to report from local knowledge as often. On the other hand I don’t get to report on local infrastructure news all that often, either. But yeah, another drunk driver runs another cyclist over from behind, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so the drunks are nowhere near the cyclists in the first place.

A low-information wreck report from Jamaica. Pedal cyclist killed on Hellshire main road The driver of the weapon vehicle transported the injured cyclist to hospital, which I’m not sure is a good or a bad thing. The good part is he didn’t hit-and-run, the bad thing is he destroyed most of the evidence in the wreck by not contacting authorities and letting them handle the situation and maintaining the geometry of the wreck. Hit-from-behind wreck so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist, 20, injured in collision with station wagonPreliminary indications are that the mountain bike drove through the intersection into the path of an oncoming vehicle and that is where they have collided.” Notice it’s never the car that violated the cyclist’s ROW, it’s always the cyclist that crossed the path of the oncoming vehicle. Anyway, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or survive, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And that pain is starting to make me cranky.

Another wreck in Oz, hidden among the other deaths. Police urge drivers to take care after five killed in horror 24 hours on Victoria’s roads Nothing on the wreck other than the cyclist was hit riding on a “tourist road” so nothing on how to avoid or reduce injury. I strongly suspect that getting the infrastructure right would have prevented the wreck however.

A bike on bike wreck in Enn Zed. Injured cyclist flown to hospital Touched wheels and went tail over teakettle and head-first into the road. Wrecks like this can’t be prevented with better infrastructure, only with better cyclists.

Lifestyle as a Ghost Bike is placed in SoCal. REGION: Memorial ride honors cyclist killed in crash

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Number of serious injuries to cyclists falls

Notice that as late as 1927 private motor vehicles were still not the dominant mode of traffic on London. Viral Video: Rare color video of London circa 1927 Notice that traffic seems to be busses (practically an endless stream of them), horse-drawn carts, bicycles, and pedestrians. Very few private motor vehicles are visible among the street scenes.

And those were all the links that gave me fits (or not) today.

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