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Still in minor pain, and the Feed

Things are better on the injury front, and back, and bottom. The abrasions are starting to close up, my clavicle is level across the sternum, and the ribs only hurt when I spend a lot of time at the laptop, but frequent breaks and stretches take care of that. We are in day three of the deep freeze after having temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s over the weekend, and Texas is one of the states that has been hardest-hit by the flu, I’m sure because of our wonky hot-cold-hot-cold weather playing havoc with our immune systems. And speaking of wonky weather, some of my neighbors have had to mow their lawns twice already this year because their grass came out of dormancy and started growing during the warm snaps. The grass I planted back when we first moved in is drought-resistant and requires a much longer warm period before becoming active again so I start mowing later in the season and also don’t have to contend with my lawn “waking up” because of a mid-winter warm spell.

I’m going to open up with a link that looks like it was drawn from urbanist utopia porn. Cops Open Fire On Bronx Driver Who Failed To Yield To Pedestrian Turns out the driver was transporting drugs and drove his car at a cop on the sidewalk, and that’s why they shot at him, not because he almost hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk. This is what NYPD traffic enforcement is normally like. NYPD To UWS Pedestrians: Stop Getting Hit By Cars

A low-information report from CA. Cyclist injured in Santa Rosa hit-and-run crash People leaving comments noted this was close to if not at the signal-controlled crossing for a bike path where most drivers ignore the signal. If the driver in this case was one of those that habitually ignore this signal because they don’t ever see cars coming then a sting operation needs to be done at this intersection. But at the moment all I know about this wreck is a car hit a guy riding a bike and then left the scene. Not enough to give advice on how to avoid or prevent.

The driver that hit and injured a cyclist then left him to die in Canuckistan has been arrested. Arrest made in hit and run It seems likely the driver was intoxicated at the time of the wreck but will escape prosecution for that because of destruction of evidence by the driver’s liver.

In far West Canuckistan a cyclist is assaulted twice by a driver and gets blamed for the incident because he was making a legal left turn from the turn lane? Cyclist involved in road rage incident claims VPD ignored story The driver grabbed the cyclist on the road then got out of the vehicle to assault him a second time, this one caught on camera. In spite of the second assault being caught on camera from the driver getting out of the vehicle LEO refused to press charges. TANJ!

Hit-and-run in the Emerald Isle. Cyclist is killed after he is struck by motorist at roundabout I like the precision of the language used in the headline, he wasn’t hit by a car, he was hit by a driver with a car. I don’t like that the mere fact that the driver did not remain at the scene of the wreck is not sufficient to charge with hit-and-run.

Lots of Infrastructure! links today, starting with this one from the next county over from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Mansfield’s Planned Bike Lanes Part of a U.N.-Led Conspiracy, the Tea Party Says Umm, yeah, the UN is really worried about Mansfield cyclists getting around town without getting killed…

From AZ… Bike and pedestrian use of Downtown Links under review When I read the headline I was concerned but in the article I find the Downtown Links are bike/ped infrastructure designed to get people from the ‘burbs to jobs and shopping and to revitalize the Downtown area.

Good infrastructure news from SC. ‘Victory’ for those seeking a better Hwy 41 bridge bike-pedestrian path And the new design will cost $10 million less than previously budgeted? Who says bike/ped infrastructure costs too much to implement?

First link from CA. David Cortese wants more dead pedestrians in San Jose While I’m sure that the person mentioned doesn’t really want more dead pedestrians what he states he does want will inexorably to that result. And also dead cyclists and dead drivers and passengers. Death for everyone! (Not really)

Second link from CA, courtesy of BikingInLA. Guest Column: Bikes Have Rights™*

And those were all the links that gave me fits or otherwise about bicycles.

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