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Had to tie the cat down to keep him from getting blown away, and the Feed

Slight exaggeration in the headline, the cat is safely ensconced inside Casa de El Poeta riding out the high winds. The chairs on the back porch are somewhere down the block, or maybe in the next county. According to Weather Bug we have a steady wind of 15-20 MPH and the highest gust in the last 24 hours was 40 MPH sometime between 8 and 9 AM. The temperature is nice, about 45 or so and climbing. I’m not looking forward to grocery shopping this afternoon because of the wind. If one of those 40 MPH gusts hits while I’m rolling the shopping cart to the car we could see the groceries taking a trip without us.

This link has only slight significance for cyclists, but for the Significant Other of a cyclist this could be critical information. Pizza Perfume Is Here To Seduce That Mutant Turtle Jailbait You Long For For those who don’t understand the headline, the Mutant Turtles of the comic book, TV show, movie, and video game are teenage, therefore underage, therefore jailbait. Also they really, really liked pizza. I didn’t think it was very funny either. Cyclists like pizza (or just about anything that could be considered food and available in large quantities) so smelling like dinner could get your cyclist SO “in the mood”. Or it could put you on the menu as the entre. You might want to save the pizza perfume for the night before the double metric century ride rather than after.

Up first is a drunk cyclist running into a pole (bollard?) in the bike lane. UPDATED: Man injured in bicycle crash in critical condition If I’m reading correctly the cyclist either did not have any headlight or the headlight in use was strictly a “Seen By” rather than a “See By” light. This did not help matters any towards avoiding the pole. The description of the object did not jibe with the location of the object, why would there be a “fence post” in the shoulder of the road? Also, drunk. To avoid, don’t drink and ride, and use a bright headlight on the front of your bike to go with the bright pair of taillights on the back. Pair? Yes, one steady and one blinking and preferably stacked one above the other to avoid the appearance of a blinking turn signal. As far as infrastructure is concerned for this wreck I’m still of the opinion that a “fence post” should have been much further back from the road than the shoulder…

An OH killer driver throws the Universal Get Out Of Jail Free card and is absolved of running over a cyclist riding in front of her. Central Ohio woman acquitted in death of drunken bicycle rider in rear-end crash and Judge acquits driver in bicyclist’s death on East Side The cyclist did himself no favors by riding drunk, but still driving at a speed where you cannot avoid other vehicles on the road in front of you, lighted or not, places a driver at blame for a wreck. TANJ!

I don’t see how this driver can avoid being found guilty as he was already found guilty of the violation that caused the wreck. Dump truck driver due back in court in death of cyclist Left cross wreck, intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent.

A FL wreck is paywalled so I can’t tell you how to avoid or prevent the wreck. Bicyclist severely injured Wednesday in crash on Crayton Road I know it was a group ride and the victim was hit by a pickup truck, which implies there may have been some degree of aggression by the driver, but honestly I don’t know anything.

Moving on to Jolly Olde, a driver is found guilty of running over and crushing a cyclist and gets… a minor fine. Driver fined after collision with ‘Boris Bike’ cyclist The driver was fined a total of £620 for multiple offenses or $1022 US, and £200 of that was for having a defective vehicle.

And you might want to be extra careful around pedestrians on your bike in Japan. Court awards ¥47 million to family of fatal bicycling accident victim That’s about $458,000 in US money. And the cyclist is currently on probation for the criminal charges in the wreck.

Infrastructure! news from DC. BIKE EQUITY BILL INTRODUCED Since bike infrastructure projects are so cost-efficient they have a problem of not being “big enough” to qualify for Federal funding where a motor-vehicle-centric project of the same impact would. With the previous floor for this funding source being $50 Million and few projects even topping $5 Million well you can see the problem.

Moving on to OR we get this infrastructure news. Bike Lanes and Their Transformative Potential It is a known fact that making an area attractive to cyclists results in a gain to the bottom line as cyclists are a reliable source of return customers who buy smaller quantities but come back more often to spend more money than drivers do. My personal hypothesis on this is that since cyclist have an extra $10K/year for each car they replace with a bicycle they can spend more money locally.

Lots of infrastructure news from CA. First is from BikingInLA. City Council PLUM committee punts on My Figueroa; major sub-human scum steal an autistic girl’s e-bike

And more from CA. Sorry, L.A. Times, Bikes Are Not to Blame for Santa Monica Traffic

An “Are you kidding me?” moment from Jolly Olde. Pulling ad for showing cyclist without a helmet is daft

Even “advanced” countries sometimes drop the infrastructure ball. Trying to Take the Bicycle Seriously. Ish.

Last link, is this work meaningful? The #1 Feature of a Meaningless Job I have my opinion, but I would be interested in reading yours.

And those were all the links I found “interesting” today.

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