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I need to take a break from reading webcomics, and the Feed

Getting a late start on this one because I started an archive binge over on Questionable Content last night that only ended when my face met the keyboard. I really needed that chuckle break badly, not just because of the bike links I have been reading, but because I don’t just read the bike links, I read entire online newspapers full of terrible things I can’t do anything about. Check that I can do something about them and it’s stuff I have been trained to do, but blowing things up isn’t legal outside of a declared war zone (and to be perfectly honest wasn’t entirely legal when and where I was doing it on the government’s dime). So you see the need for “outlets” that allow excess violence to be safely drained away. Seriously it’s either funny pages or the funny farm or worse. Laughing at drawings is much better.

A non-paywalled link to the cyclist hit by a truck on a group ride in FL is worse and weirder than I expected. SWFL bicyclist seriously injured after hit by a truck This was a buzz job from the opposite side of the street, and they don’t even give the driver a ticket for violating the 3-foot passing law? OK not a wreck the cyclist can avoid, and what is needed to prevent a similar wreck is LEO doing their (expletive, deleted) JOBS! This was a deliberate assault on the cyclist with a deadly weapon and “(p)olice cited the driver for improper passing“. Links like this are a big part of the reason I did the all-night webcomic archive binge.

A DE hit-and-run becomes a fatal hit-and-run 3 months after the fact. Cyclist injured in October Del. crash has died Apparently the truck was running a red light because the next hit was a vehicle going the same direction as the cyclist. This vehicle returned to the scene as soon as it could get turned around. No way to avoid this wreck by normal human cyclists, and changing the infrastructure won’t work since the driver ignored the built infrastructure.

One state over from the previous paragraph a cyclist is blamed for getting in a wreck while using a bike path as it was intended and signed to be used (no I am NOT fooling with you). Defying Evidence, Baltimore PD Wrongly Fault Bicyclist in Collision This was a terrible intersection design, but the cyclist was riding where the signs directed him to ride. In every instance I can think of official signage directing traffic movements overrides traffic laws to the contrary.

A cyclist speaks out against the assault of a cyclist in TN. Jacobi
: Cycling is important to Chattanooga’s future

How to escape a dysfunctional relationship with a bicycle. I Love Bikes

What looked like a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run turns out to be a staged crime scene to disguise a murder. Manhunt launched after ‘murder’ at Cornish tin mine Apparently the killer changed the victim’s clothing after death. LEO became suspicious when none of the victim’s bikes was missing.

Also in the UK an all-driver jury led by a driver judge finds a driver not-guilty of running a cyclist over from behind. Minibus driver found not guilty after death crash and Minibus driver cleared of killing cyclist Actually I’m quoting from one of the comments in the second link.

My daily link to BikingInLA. It’s getting scary out there — dogs attack Pasadena bike rider; driver flees police with bike dangling from car Yep, I just decided that instead of picking through the article for links I should just link the whole article and let you pick the links. Some links are duplicated because they are in the Feed from other sources.

Last link is from BikeyFace. FINDING MY VOICE Sometimes here in TX after a couple of miles in the heat the best you can do is a squeak, I’m strongly considering an Air Zound horn for the bike I ride everyday, after I build it of course.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits. If I didn’t limit myself to links about bicycles the blog post would never get done and would be gigabytes long.

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