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Things are “interesting” and the Feed

The Feed was light on links but heavy on the “personal interest” stories. I like those better than the reports of people getting maimed and killed. I almost didn’t need to do my daily web comic crawl to keep my head from exploding.

Up first is someone I haven’t written about for a long time, because he has been in prison. Unconfirmed rumor says Dr. Thompson may be back on the streets soon; LA BAC meets tonight I even made a special tag for him back when he was still in the news on an almost daily basis: TTTWLAMWAMD for The Thing That Walks Like A Man With A Medical Degree. I just could not believe an ER doctor could use a motor vehicle as a weapon when he had to deal with broken bodies from motor vehicles almost daily. As I posted to the article I hope a condition on his release is he never drive again.

A link that brings back bad memories of Chip Seal fighting the neanderthals in Ennis. Delaware Cyclist Ticketed for Riding His Bike Is Arraigned The cyclist was riding in a 9 foot wide car lane that was barely wide enough for a car, much less a bike and a car.

Sad news from the Emerald Isle. Female cyclist dies five days after crash in Kerry

Infrastructure! news. Sheriff releases two-year report on analysis of wrong-way drivers The scary part is they are trying to make the roads Drunk-Proof.

Transit strike? What transit strike, I ride a bike. Bike the strike! Let’s get London to work on two wheels

Comparison of costs of cycling to costs of motoring. My Carfree Story

It seems Anthony Weiner has had an epiphany. Anthony Weiner rides a bicycle This was the guy that just a couple of years ago was calling for the destruction of all bicycle infrastructure in NYC.

A participant in extreme sport says wear your helmet when attempting to defy gravity. THE HELMET ARTICLE

Last link is a fellow blogger with a lot of perspective. A frozen water bottle, a crisis of identity – and why winter cycling keeps winning me back

And those were all the links that I found interesting about bikes today.

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