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I’m slurping down ramen noodles as I type this because we are observing the full moon early tonight at my church. I need to eat something but dinner will not be ready before I have to leave to help with the services tonight. Also I will be off-air again tomorrow because of the RPG session coming up.

Save the date. Bride Plans to Marry Her Bicycle Umm didn’t Pat Robertson say this would happen if we legalized gay marriage? 😛 This is my contribution to Valentine’s Day, so deal with it!

One of the harshest sentences I have seen handed down in TX for hitting a cyclist. Landscaper sentenced to 4 years for cyclist hit and run I’m pretty sure that had the driver not been an illegal alien running an illegal business and driving without a license or insurance the sentence would not be anywhere near as harsh.

A CA cyclist gets SWSS’ed Cyclist Seriously Injured On Pershing Drive The cyclist was proceeding in the bike lane that crossed the on-ramp to a major freeway, hence the narrative. I don’t know how this could be avoided with the built environment unless they make cars crossing the bike lane liable for hitting cyclists in the bike lane. Getting the infrastructure right would have prevented the wreck.

A jogger in the UK runs into a cyclist and gets pretty banged up, but nobody knows what happened to the cyclist other than he “fell down”. Woman, 74, left battered and bruised after cyclist collision

A really bad wreck in Jolly Olde. Two cyclists killed after being hit by BMW convertible which was ‘fleeing from police’ in flooded village and Purley-on-Thames: Two cyclists killed by BMW after “police chase” in flood-hit village also Two cyclists killed by car in ‘police pursuit’ and this follow-up Purley crash victim named as Tilehurst man John Morland Pretty obvious what caused this one, that there was nothing the cyclists could have done to avoid a speeding car going towards them upside-down, and that nothing short of a tall and sturdy concrete wall could have prevented this from happening.

A UK driver admits responsibility in a deadly wreck. Guilty plea from Folkingham drink-driver facing jail after killing cyclist Once again nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid the wreck, by the time they get to this point in a trial and the river changes their plea to “guilty” it has been proven that the cyclist was a sitting duck for the driver.

The first UK cycling victim of the war by cars is identified. First cyclist to die on London’s roads this year is Rainham man I strongly dislike articles like this that use so many words to not say anything.

A SA cyclist becomes a political football. Amcu, Wasp to visit injured cyclist

The cyclist killed this week in Northern Oz was hearing impaired and a good man. Tributes flow for cyclist Michael Pinkerton

A slightly misleading headline to go with a solid article. Queens Precinct Hands Out 32 Moving Violations To Cyclists, None To Drivers There were 10 moving violations for cars, but a crap ton of technical violations and some serious violations (unlicensed use).

Portland tries to eliminate all traffic wrecks. PBOT director says new action plan will include ‘Vision Zero’ commitment I’m not sure how they will budget for this.

Infrastructure news from far West Canuckistan. Repairs starting on Stanley Park causeway This was the location of the wreck where some think the cyclist was pushed off the bike path in front of the bus by an angry pedestrian. Unless they start putting up a bunch more signs and make the path wider this os going to happen again.

A cyclist in the UK had started a campaign for road safety before his wreck. Daughters of injured Meltham cyclist hand over petition to finish campaign started by dad The campaign was to investigate wrecks on the roads so that better infrastructure could be used to prevent future wrecks. too late for this cyclist, but maybe it will help future cyclists not get hit.

Ford has been in the news a lot lately because they have been talking about what they are going to build after they get through building cars. Ford Electric Bike By Pedego — Love Highlights From Dealer Convention I don’t think they are going to sell Pedego bikes very long, I think that if they start selling lots of e-bikes then they will start making their own.

And those were all the links that fit the blog mission giving me fits or not.

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