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My student seems to have disappeared when presented with actual study material on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Well, when I presented my student with an actual lesson complete with homework the desire to learn the Craft seems to have evaporated, at the very least I have heard nothing more back. Pity, I thought I was taking a very logical approach to teaching a person how to handle something potentially dangerous by teaching the safety protocols first.

Yesterday’s RPG session went well, in spite of the fact that we were all leveling up from the previous session’s extremely high CR (lots of enemies with lots of HP and firepower). This resulted in enhancing my Eldrich Blast to 2d6, +1 for the new feats I got that enhanced my attack and damage for a total damage of 2d6+1. This caused me to score a couple of spectacular hits during the session. I have the Sickening Blast invocation that I use just about every time we get into combat against creatures that can be Sickened with a very high DC against Will save (some are immune to the effect), and the combination of 3-13 damage and incapacitating for one round and diminished attack for 9 more rounds is a real help to the party. I like that, and it works well with my character’s alignment (Chaotic Good). I stop things that hurt people from hurting them, and barf jokes are funny(gross).

As we began our session we had just holed up in a wind-swept alcove as a thundersnow storm settled on us. I set up our yurt so that some of the less climate-acclimated of the party could use its insulating properties to share body warmth and get good rest, and we stationed the Warforged party member that was immune to the cold and snow outside to stand watch and also hold one of the ground cloths across as much of the cave opening as possible to block the wind from the pack animals and party members not inside the yurt. As we tried to rest an invisible creature went around the edge of the wind break to get inside the camp where it was less freezing than the outside. After detecting him and identifying him as an Imp we warned him that he would be squashed like a bug if anything was attempted against the party. The next day we all went on our journeys. The storm had left thigh-deep snow and head-high drifts, but we managed to get to lower ground and continue the trek to the ruins we were told held some answers to our quests.

We went through another high CR encounter with a pair of Harpies working in tandem against the party with lots of damage to party members and my character getting off a shot at the second one trying to escape that caused it to crash into a tree and kill itself (don’t barf and fly, you might run into a tree). As the long-range marksman of the party I really liked that one. 😉 Nothing like preventing your enemy from knowing what’s coming and allowing FUD to run rampant, like earlier when we took out a scouting party to a man and had the battle half won against the remainder of the army when we encountered them almost ready to bolt at the first Eldrich Spear from deep cover. That encounter caused us to level again so now my little Warlock is 4th level and has another Invocation, which I chose as See the Unseen, which allows me to see invisible creatures and objects as well as having normal vision in any amount of light including total darkness. That might have been useful finding the Imp we dealt with during the snow storm. As it was I knew he was there from Detect Magic showing his magical aura from the spell he was using, but being able to see him directly would have been better.

After the Harpies we completed leveling up again and selected spells and whatnot, then went looking for treasure and for a statue that is supposed to hold a clue to our quest. What we found were several place settings of fine china (or the equivalent for that world) and 3 Mimics disguised as chests. Interesting thing when you cast Sicken on a Mimic treasure chest, they barf the coins they hold instead of less appealing things. Another interesting thing about Mimics is when they are suddenly sent very negative in HP they explode violently, which can cause damage to anyone who happens to be stuck to them. Sorry, Ventus, for the 12 HP of damage I caused you when the Mimic you had managed to almost completely engulf in your arms turned into a AP bomb with gold coin shrapnel. 😉

One other bit of news, I found a pickup truck and driver to get the new bike, but won’t be able to get it before Wednesday, So Wednesday I will go to the builder and get fitted to the bike, then load it for the trip back to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. As of this point I have no idea what kind of personality this bike will have and therefore no idea of even the gender of the name to give it. I’m leaning towards a name like Bull or Truck because this bike is essentially a 1/4 ton truck with only 2 wheels instead of 4, and of course no ICE polluting the air.

PAS, Opus